Saluting a father!

i often read the crime page on arabtimes online, trying to understand the society through the problems and their origins - the last story i read was about a son assaulting his dad, because the latter was trying to teach the daughter some values - but the motive of the son was not defending his sister, he simply assaulted his dad because he believes that his dad's job is only to work and pay for house expenses, leaving the management of the family and the upbringing of his sister to... the son!!

what a lesson this lad has taught his sister! i mean seriously??!! who is the father and who is the son here and how can he claim having this right?

three days ago we supported arabtimes as some spoiled brats attacked one of their staff as she was boarding a bus, connecting the dots i kind of understand why they simply don't care - if they have no respect for their parents, how can these kids have respect for strangers?

i salute the boy's father for lodging a complaint against his son who was arrested and taken into custody for interrogations - i wish more fathers behave as such, teaching their kids how to behave, though in my opinion, the son's behavior came as a result of years of neglect - nevertheless, better late than never!

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    1. Pat says:

      Good job!! but he could have avoided this by giving him occasional spanks

    2. TKG says:

      Kids have lost values due to parents PERIOD!! (Not all parents are the same but I am talking in general)

    3. This is really great to be here at this page as I have learned so many interesting things here. I also have been reading such kind of things and I believe that we should have peace one day because this will end.

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