Salwa Almutairi fails to impress!

well, this time around our beloved creative head salwa almutairi fell a bit short of my expectations - i was expecting something new, something crazy and dazzling, but it was all frustrating! what she suggested this time is to build malls as big as the avenues and fill them with flowers instead of shops - but she also wants some walkways and coffee shops - she also wants to expand this to the gulf, (may be franchise it?) and would love to see the youth of kuwait hang around these new malls - i think it's the perfect place for kuwaiti men to take their sex slaves for a walk!

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    5 Responses to “Salwa Almutairi fails to impress!”

    1. Shameless says:

      Well at least this time it's something more acceptable and nice! :) but again…it can be used in other ways than it's normal purpose

    2. qabaq says:

      but what is a "mool" exactly!! :p

    3. 965malls says:


    4. MM88 says:

      I am for the government of Kuwait building botanical gardens, built by a Singaporean firm and a Wildlife Sanctuary in the desert which the UAE and OMAN has already done , the UAE could donate their endangered species that they have restored by building these sanctuaries to Kuwait. She is not off the mark completely. I think the two social projects that I suggest above would do alot for the national pride and the demeaner of this nation which is hostile. What the malls need is better management so that the malls can improve business which is the main focus of malls. The management of The Avenues, for example, has created a playing field for gangs not shoppers and they promote smoking which is discouraged all over the world in malls these days. Fire them!

    5. Pinkish says:

      A nut is a nut no matter what she says

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