Sanitary door openers. Great for malls’ toilets

i bumped into this sanitary door opener image and thought how great it would be if the malls can install these in their toilets - unfortunately a lot of people leave the toilets without washing their hands - every time i go out of a mall's toilet i use a tissue to avoid direct contact with the door handle - this simple tool is really fantastic and helps people like me avoid direct contact with a potentially filthy door knob.

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    1. Danderma says:

      That's a great way to avoid touching the door handles
      same goes for the water faucett… the open it with their dirty hand, wash it, and then they touch it again when it is still dirty from their first touch… what's the use?

      I never open doors with my hands…I just can't. Especially bathroom related doors :S

    2. 965malls says:

      good observation, that's why i prefer the ones with sensors as you don't have to touch anything.

    3. mishmash says:

      Oh I wish the malls install these handles, it will be great!! come on guys, who will be the first to lead??

    4. Fayez says:

      These are what we need! Great handles, I really wish they install them everywhere. It's not fun to get everyone's viruses and bacterias, specially that they're touched most of the times BEFORE hands are washed (IF they are…)

    5. Shopaholic says:

      I want those!!!!!! Why didn't anyone think of them before? Great invention!

    6. Kman says:

      I've seen so many men disgustingly walking out of the toilet without washing their hands… i so despise them. This is a great idea if the malls can install something like that it will be fantastic!

    7. Mohammad says:

      The problem is that not everyone will use the opener the way it is intended to be used hence the problem still exists!!

    8. 965malls says:

      you have a point mohammad, but this still matters to the people who use the handle the right way – say someone touches the handle with his dirty hands and you walk right after him, using ur wrist will help you avoid his bacteria… still works :)

    9. Gossiper says:

      I saw once those doors that open when u push them with your foot..this is the best, no need to touch with your hands…So I go for swinging doors

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