Should this go into Guinness World Records?

if you scroll down this page, only 5 posts down (we don't have to hyperlink the post), you will read news on a smoking ban in restaurants and cafés - BUT, i just read on 248am that the ministry of health withdrew the resolution today, as reported on box news - reason why? the law would be impossible to implement!!!

i subscribe to mark's question: "can we also cancel the ban on running red lights and the ban on speeding since those two seem impossible to implement as well?"

guess we need to revisit that map!

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    1. Kman says:


    2. Pat says:

      Why ban it in the beginning if they know they can't implement?? isn't this admitting government weakness??

    3. 7mood says:

      Maybe one of them owns a restaurant and this law will weaken the business :-S lol

    4. Kman says:

      who cares? really.. but what's alarming is that the government is not shy of sending the world a message saying "we act before we think".. and that's a catastrophe..

    5. 965malls says:

      it is highly probable :)

    6. 965malls says:

      thanks for the update mishmash

    7. 7mood says:

      Conclusion: They own a shisha place…:)

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