Shows in malls?

i bumped into this shop while parking at al-dawliya complex the other day and it kind of struck me.. what kind of shows are happening behind its doors and what is exactly a no problem show?

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    1. PKG says:

      hahah.. do u think if we pay a buck or two, we get to have a peek..?? :P

    2. 965malls says:

      Like a peep show? Lol.. highly unlikely :)

    3. Pinkish says:

      May be they meant no problem shoe??

    4. Rose says:

      Woule lo e to work there, may be as a pole dancer ;)

    5. Pinkish says:

      Ha ha ha ha… Why did I have this feeling you work there???? I’m sure the guys will flock to aldawliya complex to watch you dance my dear

    6. Rose says:

      Send them over, will collect mucho dinaros and give you a cut :) need to wear a large bra for that matter lol

    7. Gossiper says:

      So Rose is back!! lol you model there? :))))

    8. Rose says:

      Only night shifts ;)

    9. 965malls says:

      I have to admit that rose is one od the most interesting commenter on our blog – way to go rose!

    10. Rose says:

      Thanks :) Will you check my show tonight, sinse your wif is away? Free tickets for you babe ;)

    11. 965malls says:

      You just lost your status as one of the most interesting commenter on our blog to wanted dead or alive :)

    12. 965malls says:

      Wife might be away dear Rose but always supervising… lol so keep your claws off my man! -The wife blogger-

    13. Rose says:

      Damn she caught us in the act…

    14. 965malls says:

      Absolutely!! We should have been more careful.. Next time we change names, I’ll be the firefighter :)

    15. 965malls says:

      hahaha@Rose! You can't see me…but be afraid…be VERY afraid! I'm always here -The wife blogger-

    16. 965malls says:

      Ya firefighter go do some work! you have mouths to feed! :))) -The wife blogger-

    17. Rose says:

      and i'll be the nurse :) your wife will sure kill me now so i better log off!

    18. 965malls says:

      i was on my lunch break! i don't recognize you, are you the lunch break police??? take the kids out, they want to breath a little :)

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