Shtrumpf VS Relais de L’Entrecôte

i remember ever since i was a kid, there was this cute little caravan on jounieh's beach where we used to gather to grab a bite - that place was called shtrumpf! it was by far the best burger that one can have, and as the caravan grew to become a successful national chain of restaurants, our love for the brand became even stronger - shtrumpf is always on our agenda, especially when we visit beirut, it's kind of a tradition now to take the kids there and let them enjoy the food.

a few days back, we took the kids out for lunch, we picked our usual table and called the waitress, she must have been new as she didn’t really grasp our order, however with some slow and detailed explanation, we finally managed to get the order across right, or we thought we did...

as food landed on the table… it was clear something must have gone majorly wrong! i am not a tomato and onions fan and i always order my cheese burger plane, but this time my burger was totally naked rather than plane! i've never seen anything like this burger before, a tiny piece of patty, with NOTHING... no mayo, no mustard, not even ketchup... just meat on bun!

dad, who usually is a very calm person went mad and called for the manager, who actually was surprised at the scene of this so called burger - he apologized and promised to change my food, but a few seconds later he comes back with 5 salads as compensation, on the house!

we refused to take the salads as each one costs around 23.000 lp (4.5 kd), but the manager insisted and came back with a big family salad instead, plus my cheese burger! i was really touched by this gesture, and the ever smiling staff.. no wonder i love shtrumpf!

unlike my husband, everything seems to work fine for me... no sauce for him, free family salad for me :)

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    1. Kman says:

      That’s great customer service!

    2. mary says:

      So nice to hear that you are getting in some great family time – I miss your postings. Your husband is trying his best, he is a 'foody', but it is not the same without you. You better watch that Rose :)

    3. 965malls says:

      Thank you so much dear mary :) I miss posting too but It’s so good to be pampered for a change. As for my “foody firefighter” he’s doing a great job :) even with Rose around lol

    4. Hiba103 says:

      Good to see you're having a good time in Beirut and at least having a good service there :) you are surely luckier than your poor husband!

    5. SHAREit App says:

      Nice stuff!

      An impressive story of life, inspired by this kinds of information, Great post or shared the link of my friends. Thumb's up.. :)

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