Sporadic news from Salem Almubarak Street

i was walking down salem almubarak street visiting a few malls and noticed the following:

1- bath & body works replaces next at alfanar mall.

2- alrifai has closed down its shop right across alfanar mall - it has been a while since the closure and despite its strategic location, the shop is still vacant until today.

further down the street in layla galleria a new coffee shop has opened, café del mar - it's a family owned coffee shop run by a mother and her kids, cute idea..

my last stop was at AG Mart, a schizophrenic supermarket with quite a disconnect between the exterior, interior architecture and the brand name / logo - they're trying to look upscale but my guess they failed miserably - the veggies look awesome though :)

so that's about my quick salem almubarak street updates - too bad it feels a bit laid-back nowadays, i loved that street when it was buzzing with life - i guess that its fame faded with the opening of the new mega malls - remember when that street ended with a u-turn, just before the tunnel? there was no traffic light at that end of the street which created even more buzz during weekends - nevertheless, i'm still a big fan of salem almubarak street and its cafés...

    9 Responses to “Sporadic news from Salem Almubarak Street”

    1. Shopaholic says:

      It's been a couple of months since I went to Al Fanar, as you said, I think that Marina Mall and other big new malls took over, I didn't know that Next closed there..shame

    2. lulu21 says:

      I love Fanar, it's calm and classy, I prefer to go there for a coffee or to watch a movie

    3. Gossiper says:

      One of my favorite streets in Salmiya, even with the mega malls it still has it's charm

    4. ajchay says:

      Does anyone know where Salmy complex is in Salem al mubarak street?

    5. 965malls says:

      no not us

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