Starbucks getting lazy again!

back in jan we wrote about starbucks keeping magazines in their shops for months and a few days later they reacted and replenished the shelves - i guess it's about time for yet another post as the magazines at the airport shop date from june and some from feb! come on guys!! who wants to read ancient news?

this is so bad for starbucks image, please keep the magazine updated and find some other stuff to decorate shelves!

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    1. spam says:

      OK, I promised you that I would do a study on the social behavior of people sitting in Starbucks in Dubai vs Kuwait because you did a piece on a Kuwaiti couple sitting in a coffee shop in Kuwait who were texting rather than involved in conversation and you found that interesting. According to what I observed in the Dubai Mall, I saw a western couple, not engaged with phones but reading books, magazines having their coffee, other than that I observed various Arab nationalities (because the couple was Arab in Kuwait) not on mobiles, but engaged in conversation rather than on the mobile texting. I saw an Emiriti couple and they were not texting, I saw a group of older Arab people in pleasant conversation with their coffee and not texting. I saw two Arab boys checking their mobiles but lifing their heads to discuss what they were reading on their mobiles. Bottom-line your Kuwaiti couple may need marriage counseling, they seem to be disinterested in each other and texting whilst in a public forum may be a red light for future problems, yet in all fairness Dubai is a more social environment where social status and manners seem to be more important than in Kuwait.

    2. 965malls says:

      thanks for getting back with your observations spam – that's quite interesting, westerners and books is normal, i love their habit and wish people in our region read as much – i don't know why people choose to pick the nasty habits of westerners and not the good ones! as for dubai, it is different than kuwait in many ways, (though personally i do prefer kuwait over dubai), but it is sure more multicultural.

    3. Pinkish says:

      it has always been the case at Starbucks, they should find a permanent solution for this or let it be without magazines…

    4. kramy says:

      the thing is they should reduce producing different magazines at least one and include a small diary like in any other country keeping small diary so people are taking once they go to SB, or collect all the old issues then recycled again to the manufacturer or printing press every end ofthe month. while replenishing new edition or issue.

    5. nada says:

      good ideas kramy! you should relay them to starbucks…

    6. KKlady says:

      I just want Starbucks especially in the malls to enforce a no smoking policy like all the other countries in the world. Kuwait always strives to be unique for the wrong reasons.

    7. 965malls says:

      I think they do, except for their outdoor seating areas, this is where one is allowed to smoke – it is strictly forbidden to smoke inside a starbucks shop – but i think what you mean is that specific airport location where people still smoke on the second floor – here i agree with you they are not enforcing the ban.

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