Stuck with a weird salesman…

not only i love massimo dutti but i am also a regular and loyal customer, especially when it comes to buying shirts, however...

a few days ago, i passed by their shop at the avenues to buy a couple of pants and asked to try a pair of black jeans, size 36 – their salesman however had other ideas and tells me that 36 would be loose, i better try size 34.

i insisted on getting the right size (36) and explained that 34 would be tight, then i asked to try another pair of blue pants with the same size 36 to which he replies: "shall i give you 38?" WTF? is he deaf or what? i reaffirmed that 36 is my exact size and that 38 would be too loose..

i walked into the changing room and put on the black jeans which turned out to be just perfect, but again the salesman thought otherwise: "they look tight, shall i give you a 38 and do some alteration?" WTF? WTF? – at this point i wanted to punch him in the face, but i kept my calm and told him that 36 is my exact size.

though a bit discouraged by the experience, i kept my chin up and asked the salesman to try another pair of blue jeans - he checks the stack of jeans and says: "we don’t have 36, shall i give you a 38 and do some alteration?" WTF? WTF? WTF? is this guy for real? i was starting to believe that i was subject to some kind of a practical joke and looked around to spot a candid camera but in vain… so i took a deep breath and told the guy to simply forget the blue jeans...

back to the fitting room, i tried on the blue pants and called the guy for alteration - he suggests i wear a black pair of shoes from their new collection as my running shoes were not helping length measurements – i gave him my shoe size, 43 and reconfirmed my exact size so that the number registers well in his brains - but wearing those shoes was a real struggle even with the help of a horn, they were so damn tight i couldn’t even stand on my feet - so i asked the salesman if the shoes were 43 and discovered that yet again he had other plans: "no sir, i gave you 42!!" WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF? at this point it was so hard for me to keep my composure i was about to explode..

once the alteration process was over, i went to the shirts section where i spotted a very nice white shirt, but before i could even make a decision the salesman pulls out his most powerful selling rationale and goes: “you know, the white shirt goes well with the blue pants as well as the black jeans!!”

convinced that the salesman was just stupid, i took my stuff and ran to the cashier - the clerk goes: “2 pants 1 shirt, 61 kd please” - i couldn't help but wait for a few seconds to see if he would suggest 40 or 80 kd... but nothing happened, so i paid the bill and walked out swearing to never again visit massimo's avenues branch.

    8 Responses to “Stuck with a weird salesman…”

    1. Pat says:

      What a moron!!! you should have left the place immediately

    2. Abdul says:

      Shhhhhh…….hush hushhh don't u know it's law suit season? loooooooooooool

    3. Zaid says:

      looool, chill he's just a salesman, a bit dim though

    4. Shopaholic says:

      dim or dumb? either way abdul is right looooooool

    5. lulu21 says:

      poor u! maybe he only had those sizes and needed to sell them to someone.. and he saw in u a good catch! ;) LOL

    6. expataussiegal says:

      OMG, don't get me started on salespeople in Kuwait! if they're not following you around the store in your personal space, straightening the racks right after you have been looking at something, they then try to get you to try on ANY size that comes to mind – "No madam, no small left, but try LARGE…….."
      Customer service skills – NIL!

    7. Pat says:

      expataussiegal, why are you being difficult, just try the large size, look like a fool in front of everyone: one for looking like a clown, two for not really knowing what your real size is, three for believing that a complete stranger knows your size better than you just buy looking at you. Remember, just please the salespeople and everything will be ok! chill!

    8. Gossiper says:

      Hey peeps aren't u being a little too hard on those guys!? they're trying to sell anything to get a commission so it's understandable, but some of them are really good in selling others what they dont need (like a L to a S)the only problem is that they think that everyone is as dumb and would fall for it :)

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