Stupid salesman!

i read about this stupid salesman who basically watched a niqabi woman disappear with 3 iphones and a samsung worth kd 600 from his own shop - apparently, the dim guy allowed this woman to walk out the shop and show the items to her disabled mom waiting outside!

for god's sake! why would anyone take 4 phones out the at a time?? i mean the iphone comes in white or black and there is little difference between the models! as for the samsung, it is not even worth stealing!

this guy fell for the oldest trick in the world, too bad for him.. i wouldn't be particularly sad about the samsung, but loosing 3 iphones at a time, that hurts!

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    1. e7mood says:

      whats your problem with the samsung ;p its not the first post you word trash their phones

    2. 965malls says:

      lol, i know, i am anti samsung to the bones i can't explain it, they're so "me to"..

    3. Moe22 says:

      isnt a nikabi woman supposed to be religiously committed?? how come she steals???

    4. Shameless says:

      Maybe she isn’t wearing the niqab for real and only so that the salesman doesn’t see her face! Smart woman ;)

    5. Oliver says:

      Samsung rules.. iPhone sucks and it's for dumb lame people.. just sayin

    6. 965malls says:

      Well Oliver, your comment is totally unacceptable! We’ve been cursing the sanding for a while, as a brand, but because a lot of people are holding this phone we never disrespected them ir called them stupid! I guess you owe the iPhone readers on this blog an apology..

    7. PKG says:

      "as for the samsung, it is not even worth stealing!"

      hahahaha lolll.. nice.. :P

    8. 965malls says:

      thx – at least i'm not insulting anyone but the phone itself :)

    9. Not so lame people says:

      Mr Oliver…Now you are proving to iPhone people(like myself) how low some persons can be no matter what brand they hold.. You have no right whatsoever to call others dumb! This is shamefull and only reflects your personality…just sayin

    10. TKG says:

      I have a question for most people. Would you be able to live without your smart phone?

      It has become sad how people can’t live without their phones and if anything happens to it they start crying :O I mean it is only a phone.

      I think the iPhone is a neat device but I do own a Samsung unfortunately. I feel though that being disconnected would really disappoint many people in the world which is so so sad

    11. Pinksih says:

      yeah, agree with you TKG, people can't live without a smart phone anymore, but mind you it has become their PC too and you can't live without a PC neither!

    12. TKG says:

      Technology has made us lazy though if the day comes when it all stops functioning, we might all start to enjoy life more – may lead to reduced stress

    13. Pinksih says:

      i have no doubt! i would love to trash all my tech gizmos and go back to the simple life, when people used to call you home, and if you're not there, they would call at night… no missed calls, no "on demand" availability..

    14. TKG says:

      I actually recently got mad at a fellow member of the family and threw all my phones out of the car while driving :p

      I ended up having to repair my phones but the peace of mind for those 3 days were heavenly (though my friends were scared that I was dead … they actually dropped by at home)

    15. fadi says:

      iphone lovers please check this

    16. Dana says:

      Thanks Fadi, now i love it even more

    17. Pat says:

      Yeah, same here ;)

    18. PKG says:

      well these days, losing a phone is a bigger deal than losing your virginity.. just sayin.. :P

    19. mark says:

      theres a saying the more you hide the more evil you show hahahaha

    20. mark says:


    21. mark says:

      theres no english ?

    22. 965malls says:

      it says "iphone explodes in a man's pocket in Finland"

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