Stupid salesman!

i read in arab times about this kuwaiti man caught selling viagra pills to youths on gulf road - police patrols noticed several youths surrounding him with a bag in his hand and on inquiring, came to know that he was selling viagra.

what i don't get is why is this guy selling viagra to young guys? usually they don't use it, well they shouldn't even consider it at their age and medically it is not recommended as there has been quite a few cases of young men trying out viagra and ending up with "priapism", a sustained painful erection that can last for 6 hours or more.

nevertheless, this guy is selling the wrong audience here, look at this hilarious official viagra ad, it targets older men!

    7 Responses to “Stupid salesman!”

    1. Shameless says:

      It’s not the salesman that is stupid but I think his customers!!! If at this age they need viagra…no wonder couples can’t have kids anymore

    2. Rose says:

      Looooooool my kind of man!!!

    3. TKG says:

      I didn't know Vaigra does that :O

      Lool kids actually have become the main audience when it comes to this and I for one know this because as a kid … let's just say once you reach 13, all that you think about is S E X. Thank god I grew up and most of the girls said no :p

    4. Pinksih says:

      that's because you didn't have Rose around :)

    5. Rose says:

      P I N K I SH ! ! i should have said that .. looooool

    6. Kman says:

      Hilarious ad!!

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