Such a shame!

a friend told me this story that happened a few days ago aboard middle east airlines - it seems that a woman made a big fuss refusing to take her seat because the passenger next to her was an ethiopian helper - what is really sad, is that the captain and the crew agreed to give her another seat!!

i wish i was aboard that flight to tell the captain the tale of the racist passenger - it is said that a racist passenger on a british airways flight from johannesburg objects to being seated next to a black man - she asks for another seat, the flight attendant says the flight is full, but that she'll check - she later returns to say there is one seat in first class and that the captain of the plane has approved a transfer to that seat because he feels that someone should not have to sit next to such an obnoxious person - the flight attendant then turns to the black man and invites him to the first class seat to the cheers and applause of other passengers.

whether true or not, this story gives you the chills! i believe middle east airlines had a golden opportunity to show the world, once again, that people are equal no matter where they come from or look like.

i loved the ending of the british airways article i read, it says "people forget what you said, people forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel"...

such a shame!

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    1. christine says:

      I can't believe people with such mentalities still exist!

    2. Learning says:

      People were raised that way so you can’t blame them for ignorance.. I totally agree wirh you and this makes me sad . A couple of days ago my kids were at Subway and here comes this macho in his Lamborgini.. He started yelling and cursing and threatening the guys behind the counter because he had to wait 5 minutes while they were serving customers. My little one came running to the car asking me to call the police because that person should stop harrassing the workers. This guy’s car and money didn’t make him important as he was so small in our eyes…

    3. 965malls says:

      apparently they do…

    4. 965malls says:

      this guy has an attitude problem..

    5. Pat says:

      stupid captain!

    6. M.Fernandes says:

      I witnessed a similar thing with Emirates Airlines. Two people were allocated the same economy seat – one Bangladeshi guy and one British guy. While Emirates tried to sort out the confusion, the British guy stayed put in his seat while the Bangladeshi guy was standing for 15 minutes. Then the steward comes over to the British guy and whispers that he has a seat for him in Business class and they gave the Bangladeshi guy the economy seat.

    7. 965malls says:

      omg! that's even worse!!!

    8. Freewill says:

      No balls!!

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