Summer friends…

remember when we were kids and everyone was our friend? we used to meet some boys for the first time and ask them if they want to play, that's it... after that, we would run wild and shout loud with our new best friends as if we knew them forever!

summer in kuwait reminds me a bit of this innocent childhood - when the wives travel, men are left behind for a few weeks until they start joining their families around july or august - during those weeks, the circle of friends starts expanding, unintentionally.

when the first layer of close friends leave, you start contacting the second layer of friends, those you meet every now and then during winter - when those leave, you start getting in touch with the third layer of friends, basically those you meet only during summer, better known as "summer friends" - sometimes those summer friends bring their own summer friends to the party and this is where it feels like childhood again, everybody's partying, having late night coffee, joking about everything and nothing with people they don't know, a bit like when we were kids... running wild and screaming loud..

soon the summer will be over, and winter will kick in - families will be back and everything slips into the usual routine - then one fine day you meet someone at school or in a restaurant who actually looks at you and goes: do i know you? your face is so familiar... every time this happens, i tell myself he must be a summer friend of some summer friend, only this time there will be no running wild & shouting loud!

    12 Responses to “Summer friends…”

    1. Dave says:

      Loooool so true!!

    2. Zaid says:

      Do you still believe in friends?

    3. 965malls says:

      No if expect nothing from them!

      When you accept that friends will betray you, they will stab you in the back, talk behind your back, not to be there when you need them the most, when you accept that they will always put their own interest above yours, then you will have a lot friends and life will be sweet – unfortunately, that’s life, if you don’t accept the facts then you will live alone, a very miserable life.

      So accept your so called friends as they are, and make the most of them – they’ll come and go, come back and go again…

    4. TKG says:

      This is a touchy post but to be honest I have never had friends like this (though it would be something I wish I did)

      I guess I am not that interactive when it comes to people as they come and go but never stay in contact. I have had friends, very few friends but never summer friends. I NEED TO ATTEND MORE OF THESE PARTIES lol

    5. newbie_12 says:

      nicely written!! :)

    6. 965malls says:

      you're welcome to join TKG, email me your number and we'll meet sometime – as for the parties, don't let your imagination run wild, it's midnight pinkberry at best :)

    7. 965malls says:

      thanks newbie_12

    8. 965malls says:

      Enjoy midnight pinkberry my wild summer hubby :) so scream as loud as your lungs let you! Summer is coming to an end soon.. very soon :$ and I’ll be BACK :-p hehehe

    9. 965malls says:

      why do i have this feeling i'll be screaming like a baby ?? !!

    10. 965malls says:

      Hahaha miss you too babe :)))

    11. TKG says:

      That's awesome … will email you my number :)

      As for parties it is better this way. I don't want to run wild and end up shooting Hungover: Kuwait Edition :p

    12. monu says:

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