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i read this horrible story on arabtimes and the least i can do is spread the news in support of the victim who was attacked by irresponsible youth as she took the bus in shuwaikh - the group of boys slapped he and spat on her because she recorded their attacks, but what's worse is that non of the passengers came to her defense!! come on world, no more heroes?! if you don't stand for people's rights no one will stand for yours!! here's the story:

Spoilt brats’ make life hell for women traveling by bus alone Local journalist slapped, spat on by ‘irritated’ juveniles

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 7: Women traveling by bus in certain routes at night face harassment from local students riding for free, says a victim who was traveling from Shuwaikh on Saturday.

The victim who works at the Arab Times recounted that a group of Arab youths boarded the bus at a signal in Hawalli after pounding the door of the bus forcing the driver to let them in.

The boys occupied the seats in the back of the bus and kicked up a row making noise, spitting, and tearing up the curtains. They threw things at the lady and when a juice pack hit her head, she took out her mobile phone and began recording their activities, which gave the boys a rise.

“One of the boys came charging at me and demanded me to delete the video. I told them that I work for a newspaper and that I would complain to my boss.” This unnerved the boys, who exited the bus, but not before they slapped and spat on her. None of the other passengers in the bus came to her rescue. She adds that her hair was dripping spittle when the boys left.

The bus driver, a Nepali, later told her that if he doesn’t stop the bus for the boys, they would pelt it with stones causing injury to passengers.

This was the lady’s second bad experience in the bus. In the first incident, a group of Arab boys forced themselves into the bus by pricing open the door. One of the boys then sat on her lap and began rubbing himself against her.

Further the victim narrates that one of her Filipina friends quit traveling by bus because of similar harassments. The Filipina was riding a bus from Maliya at night last year, when a group of five boys boarded the bus and began behaving indecently. They stood in front of her and exposed their genitals. Once again, none of the other passengers came to her help.

These incidents highlight the predicament of women in Kuwait. The Filipina is left with few options as taking a taxi after sundown is also risky for a woman. “The newspaper is replete with stories of women being abducted and raped by taxi drivers.”

The victim feels that driving license formalities for women should be made more lenient, “because the safest bet for a woman traveling alone is to drive her own car.” Probably, the government should also consider disallowing students free bus rides after sunset, she adds.

    14 Responses to “Supporting Arab Times”

    1. Shameless says:

      It’s worse than taking the underground in NewYork!!! What are we becoming! This is too sad :(

    2. mishmash says:

      irresponsible kids…

    3. walid29 says:

      Irresponsible parents…

    4. Pinkish says:

      That too!

    5. karo says:

      as an expatriate, we cannot help the victim because there is no law protecting us. maybe because you are kuwaiti or having kuwaiti friends, you can easily dealing with those evil kids. for us, its like getting more problems

    6. 965malls says:

      hi karo – we are not kuwaitis and I am not sure the victim is – but as a rule of thumb one should’t shut up under such circumstances, personally i would have taken action

    7. Angry expat says:

      I am an expat and I am a woman and be sure I would’ve taken action too!!! Those kids think that they can do anything! They need spanking! That’s not only parents’ fault but also the government which is the one not taking actions. Besides those kids are raised like such brats who think that they are better than others.. I just want to see how humble they are when they travel.. Can’t they learn respect in their own country? If THIS is the image of Kuwait’s future so there’s nothing to be proud of.

    8. karo says:

      talk is easy. if you experience such situation, you will think 1000 times. is it worth it dealing with those evils? hell no, i have my own family to raise, if the law in kuwait goes the other way around, who would take care my family?

      i am experience it in my daily life. i mean there is 1 or 2 days i saw those evils throwing stone to the bus in a week. but fortunately, i have never experience those evils doing rude actions to woman.

    9. 965malls says:

      May be, may be not – I was caught in a similar situation before and I did not back down – sometimes when people see that you’re ready to go all the way fearlessly, they simply chicken out!

    10. promo says:

      always remember 'A dog's bark is stronger than it's bite."

    11. karo says:

      those evils has nothing to fear (nothing on their brain as well). because the law and their parents always at their back.
      when someone trying to be a hero, they will ask "Enta kuwaiti?" and they will ignore you. when a hero trying to do something, they have no fear to slap you, or doing something bad at him/her. they dont care if the hero 5x their age.

      some fact:
      when those evils smoking at the bus, the driver stop the bus and ask those child to stop smoking. the child asked the driver the question above, and continue smoking. the driver fed up barking to those child, the passengers not happy, the driver not happy, those evils never care.

    12. 965malls says:

      i believe that rules have to be enforced, if this driver stops his bus and refuses to drive until the smokes are out, then they will learn to respect the rules – it's a bit like raising your children, if you give a little they would take the lot, you have to draw the line so they understand that there are boundaries – unfortunately, these kids on the bus have no notion of boundaries as they were raised this way!

    13. PKG says:

      i guess the best thing to do is to put up a camera on those "troubled" bus routes and catch them on camera.. but on the flip side, what do you do with that evidence..? the cops wont give a damn about it.. so i guess the poor lady will just have to keep suffering.. this is just how it goes here.. expats dont really have a lot of rights to protect either themselves, or other people..

    14. Dave says:

      This has nothing to do with being an expat, kuwaitis have seen their cars being stolen on that same road. I think it is highly risky to ship your car through a country at war, this is bound to happen and you can do nothing about it.

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