Thank you Truthful, it’s off!

We have deleted our post for today, not because it could be a rumor or not, but because someone got hurt and thought it should be removed - we had no intention in hurting anybody's feelings, it was against the writer at the ahram daily.

nevertheless, it is off - thanks for your feedback truthful

    8 Responses to “Thank you Truthful, it’s off!”

    1. Pat says:

      so what happened here?

    2. 965malls says:

      we made a post and one of our readers thought that it was hurtful, so we removed it.

    3. Shameless says:

      As I understood you posted something that was on the ahram daily!! So your reader is so sensitive he would ask that paper to remove the post too??? Come on! He didn’t even thank you for a GREAT thoughtful thing that you did for him!! I’d post it again if I were you (well I’m too curious to know what it’s about)

    4. Abdul says:

      Totally agree with Shameless. Why should you remove a post for someone? was it talking about him?

    5. 965malls says:

      no issues guys – if something is misunderstood especially on a religious level then we take it out – no religion and no politics on this blog since day one.

    6. Truthful says:

      I appreciate this rule "no religion and no politics on this blog since day one" ;)

    7. 965malls says:

      thanks truthful – it has always been the case, even in our last post – but if there is a fine line where people get confused, we prefer to delete the post – appreciate your concerns

    8. rushessay says:

      I think that it is nothing more than a rumor because these types of things are not possible to happen so soon. But I am glad to see that you have been there to pay attention to these things.

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