The 2nd English blog in Kuwait!

1 Q8ping 1 Q8ping 1 248 AM 1 Banana Q8
2 Aboflan 2 Aboflan 2 965 Malls 2 Meenakon
3 248 AM 3 Hornett 3 His & Hers 3 Frankom
4 Hornett 4 Al Jalawi 4 Umkhaloodie 4 Kuwaitiful
6 Banana Q8 5 Omarker 5 Q8 Path 5 Q8allinone
6 Meenakon 6 Coolq8y 6 Danderma 6 ilsul6ana
7 Frankom 7 Hi Kuwait 7 Kuwaitblogssuck 7 Pink Girl
8 Kuwaitiful 8 Kaifi 8 Q8insight 8 Q8 Blend
9 Q8allinone 9 Q8pwr 9 Fro Yo Nation 9 7aji Dude
10 ilsul6ana 10 Il Shayeb 10 Couch Avenue 10 Buzfairy
11 Al Jalawi 11 Kaifan5 11 Kuwait Music 11 Habbatq8yq
12 Pink Girl 12 Kuw Go 12 Bokhaloodie
13 Omarker 13 Made in Q8 13 Dustyroses
14 965 Malls 14 Kuw Go 14 360 Dewan
15 Coolq8y 15 Almubarakia 15 p0ach
16 Hi Kuwait 16 Rashedd 16 Ansam 518
17 Q8 Blend 17 Blog Laish 17 Crazyyetwise
18 Kaifi 18 Twitbook 18 Q8ryuk
19 Q8pwr 19 Jleeb 19 Qortuba
20 His & Hers 20 Cupofblogging
21 7aji Dude 21 Al-zain
22 Umkhaloodie
23 Buzfairy
24 Ilshayeb
25 Habbatq8yq
26 Bokhaloodie
27 Kaifan5
28 Dustyroses
29 Kuw Go
30 Q8path
31 Danderma
32 Made in Q8
33 Almubarakia
32 Kuwaitblogssuck
33 360 Dewan
34 Q8insight
35 Rashedd
36 Fro Yo Nation
37 Bloglaish
38 Twitbook
39 Jleeb
42 Couch Avenue
43 Kuwaitmusic
44 Cupofblogging
45 Al-zain
46 p0ach
47 Ansam 518
48 Crazyyetwise
49 Q8ryuk
50 Qortuba

eliasoz commented on an old post called "top 50 blogs segmented by language", which made us realize how long it has been since we've updated that list - i guess the main reason is that blogslounge has solved this with their interesting website, but what we've been doing is the segmentation the list by language, so here's the latest one as of today.

a lot of blogs are out of the top 50 list and so many new ones are in - for some reason blogs lounge is not listing 248am, danderma, kuwait blogs suck and kuwait music, so we added those to the list.

the great news is that we are now the second english blog in town and i hope we stay there, we've been up and down that list for so long but we've always been in the top 20 general ranking and always in the top 5 english blogs.

a great place to be, now our job is even more difficult as we need to maintain our current position for some time - thanks for our fantastic readers who have put us in such a nice place.

    26 Responses to “The 2nd English blog in Kuwait!”

    1. Pat says:

      Congrats! Nice work

    2. 965malls says:

      thanks pat

    3. Hmmmm says:

      Interesting that none of the American English blogs are listed, was that intentional?

    4. 965malls says:

      not sure and cannot answer on blogslounge behalf, but as far as we are concerned, nothing is intentional – have we missed anything?

    5. ummm says:

      umkhaloodie on 4th……….._dear lord, wht is wrong with the world_ummmmm…….. i am having my doubts with this list.

    6. 965malls says:

      this is according to alexa ranking, and as everyone says, alexa is not accurate, but everyone refers to it at the end of the day, unfortunately – good luck and congrats. it's a good position to be the 4th english blog

    7. JamesBond says:

      isn't 248 am lord of blogs in kuwait

    8. 965malls says:

      he is the first blogger in kuwait, he started back in 2003 and today he is the 3rd on that list

    9. Shameless says:

      I don’t care how you guys rank I LOVE your blog :) 1st-2nd or last- that won’t stop me from coming back! Congrats

    10. Traveler says:

      <clearing throat> Hmmm. <cough><cough> Complete list? <weeze><sniff> Are your sure it is complete? <clearing throat again> Mmm?

    11. 965malls says:

      not sure this is the complete top 50 list – if mark, danderma, kuwait musc and kuwait blogs suck were missing then i am sure some others are missing too – we wait for them to send us a note then we update

    12. Traveler says:

      Actually, the number of Kuwaiti origin hits on my blog is way up, but it is more aimed at Amercians who want to read of my experiences and thoughts than about specific things a Kuwaiti native might care about. I am just happy I am at over a 100 hits a day and 5000 readers of my newsletter– it is nice to be read.

      After over 3 years, it has become a weekly guilty pleasure.

    13. 965malls says:

      excellent! soon you will start showing on alexa ranking, give it some time – btw, we like your blog, it is "different", when you browse some of the blogs on that list you simply want to puke! you feel as if you can read one, let me rephrase, you feel as if you can watch one and you've watched them all…

    14. Traveler says:

      A lot of them are very similar to point that I am not sure I have moved from one to the next. I read and enjoy 6 or so regularly — including this one. Have yet to see any of the bloggers IRL.

    15. 965malls says:

      you can attend some of the events where we sometimes meet, some are really nice and some pitiful..

    16. TKG says:

      Congratulations on being 2nd. Remember that 2nd and 14th place is great :) No matter who says what.

    17. 965malls says:

      thank you my friend – wishing you the same..

    18. 965malls says:

      thanks shameless

    19. Traveler says:

      Maybe I will — but I sually hear about them after the fact — sorta like how some brides send a wedding invite to someone a week after the wedding so they get the gift but not their presence. :)

    20. Mom says:

      just read the things she wrote on KBS blog, and the language she used… this kind of language comming from a mother…. very disapointing.
      May be her blog is 4th,but she lost her pride in a mother's eye.

    21. 965malls says:

      I didn’t know she was a mother! such a shame…

    22. Caesar says:

      Congrats on your second year anniversary! I enjoy your viewpoints and your pick your subjects very wisely, unlike alot of posers out there.
      KM's second anniversary is coming up next month as well! We are having a huge event for local musicians in coordination with some big corporates- I'll let you know the details soon!

    23. 965malls says:

      thanks caesar and many happy returns to you too – looking forward to hear from you

    24. D says:

      Congrats! I don't remember the last time I checked that list either. But looking at some ranks is giving me doubts that the list is anywhere near accurate. Even my own.. 36th and I haven't been posting for over a month? Something is off here.

    25. 965malls says:

      thanks D – we agree alexa is not accurate, but blogslounge is based on alexa ranking and that's what's out there currently

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