The cherry on top!

alqabas reported yesterday that a group of air controllers at kuwait international airport are planning to raise a complaint to the head of civil aviation against air control management - the cause? pure neglect, which is jeopardizing the lives of every passenger in kuwait regardless of the airline.

it seems that 2 airplanes can collide anytime at kuwait airport as the flying distance between the planes have been reduced from 80 miles to 40 miles without having a back-up radar, which is against international laws & regulations set by the international civil aviation organization (icao).

what makes things even worse, is the air traffic management at the civil aviation who actually brought a back-up radar that is not compliant with international rules & regulations and which has been rejected back in the 90s as it proved completely unreliable - the radar suddenly shows virtual objects that don’t exist in real life or makes real life objects disappear from the screen!! go figure what the hell is happening in the skies!!

it seems that walking into a disaster is now only a question of time at an airport that already hosts a rusty national airline, suffers from mismanagement, and now lacks proper safety procedures as the cherry on top!

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    1. Fjk says:

      Cherry on Top :D hahahah.. So i guess we should all just stop complaining about delays or how bad the services are ..etc etc. We should just be glad to land & take off safely…& God forbids if something goes wrong, the air traffic management would say " The radar showed a pigeon comin close to the plane, Nothing else wallaah"

    2. Ahmed A says:

      The cherry on top of years of neglect in this nation. If I were any formative carrier I would pull out of this airport until the navigation systems are updated. This highlights layers of government corruption in this nation who hold total disregard for human life. But lest I remind them, that they and their famillies also fly out of this airport. I call on the Parliament to hold an emergency session on this airport. In addition to this critical matter, they need to loose some of the airport mall primarily upstairs in order to restructure this airport with airport infrastructure like check in desks, new luggage belts and xray machines. The new airport will take years to build and this airport can no longer cope with passenger levels and needs to be immediately overhauled. My God, this is the gateway to your nation, Kuwait, is it going to take a major catastrophy for you to wake up? I admire their courage for finally speaking out on this critical matter – I would fire people!!!

    3. 965malls says:

      Agree with that, but no one is making the move to look after the airport seriously, maybe because they have other matters to look after.. But things should be taken into hand for the safety of the passengers who are totally depending on the services and rare options given to them.

    4. Rose says:

      @fjk. Loooooooool…. Pigeons?? I won’t be surprised!! That would be so typical…

    5. Zaid says:

      Heads should roll… And agree with 965 they have other things to look after which was notclearly mentioned and should be said outloud: it’s big fat corruption and ignorance.. What a deadly combo!!

    6. Sarah says:

      Cherry on top indeed! As if we don’t have enough airport problems already. Now I’m afraid to fly anywhere!!!

    7. TKG says:

      Kuwait, the beautiful country I was born in :'( I am sorry

      It seems that everyday the country is going down, down and down with no way up in the horizon. I hate to say this but the future looks emmm ….. well I don't seem to see it :(

      What is going to happen? People are in denial or don't seem to care

    8. 965malls says:

      i think they don't realize how serious this is, not until they face a disaster, god forbids!

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