The coolest fridge magnet ever!

tbwaraad dubai advertising agency has created this clever idea for their client red tomato's pizza - the idea is simple: hungry? let your fridge order your pizza for you with the press of a button! the button is of course preset to your favorite pizza, but if you decide to change the preset order you can do it online.

the red tomato fridge magnet is designed for vips, very important pizza lovers only! it is awesome, convenient and effortless!

cool idea, i wish we can import it to kuwait, it would do wonders!

thanks mary for the story.

    5 Responses to “The coolest fridge magnet ever!”

    1. Shopaholic says:

      Yes please!!! We LOVE pizza in Kuwait! Why doesn't someone bring it here too

    2. Pinkish says:

      if i get this in kuwait, i'll keep on pressing that button every 5 minutes

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    4. Steve Hogard says:

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