The ice is finally broken..

we've been living in the vicinity of buffalo's for almost 8 years and we've never bothered to try it, the reason? it's a walking distance from home and it kind of gives you cold feet.. silly isn't it? well a couple of days ago i got a call from a friend asking me if i'm interested to have dinner at buffalo's, so i jumped on the occasion and got all excited - what will buffalo be like after all these years?

i was pleasantly surprised with the interior architecture, it is not bad at all - dim lighting, modern and very american theme with comfy seats - though we were there mainly for the famous chicken wings, we couldn't but try other starters too..

quesadilla, chili nachos, caesar salad, boneless chicken wings, chicken wings with bones, trail blazer platter were all gone in a second - the wings were absolutely delicious, if you haven't tried them i really recommend you do.

buffalo's has also a big playground on the second floor dedicated for kids, excellent for families.

now that the ice is finally broken, i will definitely drop by buffalo's more often..

    6 Responses to “The ice is finally broken..”

    1. Dave says:

      it's about time, the best wings ever..

    2. husain says:

      wher is dis rest.. located in kwt ..??

    3. Fayez says:

      It's in Salmiya @husain. I love it, we have to visit at least once a week :)

    4. lolla says:

      I didn’t try z branch in salmiya, sometimes we din at z one in z avenues when Fridays is so crowded but since this branch has play area, I’ll definitely give it a try

    5. 965malls says:

      The kids will like it

    6. Shameless says:

      I haven't seen it before! looks delicious

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