The most boring movie ever made


i've been watching some weird movies lately, all classic, old and highly rated as masterpieces and hailed by critics - these movies can either blow your mind away, or bore you to death like this supposedly "most influential movie ever made" called "last year at marienbad".

the story is ridiculous, imagine that it is about a guy who is trying to convince a woman that he had seen her last year at the same castle, marienbad! but you can't imagine the agony you have to go through this movie as it is mostly narrative, in black and white, though in 61 they could have simply made it in color - but alain resnais, the director, wanted to experiment with this one so he goes wild into a non linear story where imagination and reality become hard to define.

the best review i've read goes something like that: I think everyone should see this film. I don't know why. I have seen it numerous times. No, I have never seen it. Yes, I saw it last year! No, last year I did not see it. Yes, I saw it here, with me. Wait, I'm alone. Who am I talking to?

the lead actress in this movie is delphine seyrig, she died back in 1990, while checking her profile i discovered that she was actually born in beirut!

anyways, if you ever come across this movie i advise you not to see an hour and a half of your life go to waste!

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    1. wife says:

      I know you miss me sweetheart but please stop killing yourself over those boring movies! I'll see you soon ;p Btw…isn't it better than Amour? lol

    2. husband says:

      well, this beats amour by far!!! it sure tops the list… yalla see you soon

    3. I know the feeling- am experiencing the same reading some literary criticisms by John Updike- the master himself.
      Am I spastic or am I spastic?!

    4. 965malls says:

      seems to me you have a taste for rabbits ;)

    5. i've been watching some weird movies lately

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