Those cheeky airport porters!

my in-laws came over for a short visit so we went to the airport to pick them up - the airport parking was jammed so i had to park right at the end of the lane - as we walked down the parking lane pushing 2 trolleys, i heard one of the porters following us, dragging his feet (picture 1) and of course not offering any help - he just followed till the end of the lane and as we reached the car he stood there waiting for us to open the trunk (picture 2) - after opening the trunk, he decided to step-in for help and started loading the suitcases (picture 3).

this behavior is becoming such a bad habit with these lazy porters i had to give this guy a piece of my mind - i simply told him that if he wants to be paid he has to do some serious work, he cannot watch us push the trolleys all this distance and do nothing about it! these guys are becoming so lazy, cheeky and selective in their service someone has to teach them good behavior!

though i felt really bad for sending him away, i hope this porter has learned a lesson today.

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    1. Gossiper says:

      I know exactly what you mean! they walk next to you doing noting while you push your cart, then as you get to your car they want to take it from you and wait for the tip..been there many times and I am pissed. Either do your job from A to Z or just let me do it! No one is paying me for that are they?

    2. bo3adsa says:

      it happend to me too. after me doing 90% of the job they step in to do the 10% and expected to get fully paid.

    3. Mrk says:

      Why we need them any way. except gulf countries I don't see this kind of services at airports

    4. Barroon says:

      It happens to me every time. I never pay them. However, my dad use to pay them .
      At first I was feeling bad for telling them No thanks stay away,but soon after I realized their trick and I`m not even feeling sorry anymore.

    5. pks says:

      And I thought only the porters at Delhi airport do that!

    6. 965malls says:

      glad to hear that guys, our conscience was teasing us all night! if this is the case with everyone then they deserve a wake-up call

    7. Pat says:

      Hate those porters. Pay them for what? Let ur conscious be clear, very clear

    8. Mostafa says:

      The Porter may have identified you as a Non Kuwaiti. Kuwaiti's (throughout the Gulf) cannot pick up a piece of luggage at all. They need this kind of Porters. The Airport Authorities need to act on this behaviour of Porters. They should keep them at one spot and and only respond if there is a need. When in this world you pay for two porters when departing. One from your car to the security check and another from the security check to the counters. This is TOTALLY unheard of but Kuwaiti's need them with all the luggage they carry. Kuwaiti's have to start to learn but sadly they wealth of the country prevents them from learning. Even their studies are done by the maids and drivers.

    9. Moe22 says:

      this is not a question of nationalities, the issue is their behavior. If they want to help, let it be.. but when they watch you drag the cart all the way to the car and then decide to load your stuff only, that pisses you off!!

    10. sures thapa says:

      Exactly.many time i discus with porter they sayed- this is Company rulls.i dont know who is cheater?

    11. Moza says:

      Oh yes!!! and this habit on the way out one takes you to the X-Ray and waits for the money then another one take you to the counter and wait for money again!!! shino hatha!!!!

    12. Sammy Saleh says:

      KIA, one of the worst managed airports in the world is responsible for the behaviour of these porters. Foreigners will be victimized by these porters if they don't stand their ground and tell them to leave them alone. I love it how they crouch down in the parking lot and jump out at you in the dark to help you hoist your luggage in the car after you have managed to escape them in the airport. They stink and I am fed up with these GD porters – I firmly tell them to get lost. The great thing about Sheikh Saad Terminal is that they hired managed porters that were from Egypt that respected the travellers.

    13. Bashar says:

      No pity for them. These workers always get on my nerve. They want 0.5 KD to push your bags to the belt, drop them, then another picks them for another 0.5 KD. I told him I'll push it, he said no it's company trolley. If you don't want use the other one. Well then who told you to pick up the bag in the first place? I never asked, and it was one bag for my house worker. I'm gonna pay 0.5 KD for someone to carry single case for my worker?

      Also this follow you to car thing is completely silly. I tell them not to, they insist, so I let them do it and run away for free. There was no deal in the first place. This will teach them a lesson. And if they find it unfeasible, then all the better, those companies bringing them will have to stop bringing excess man power to this country.

      I say good thing you did, don't feel sorry at all. Was the right thing.

    14. 965malls says:

      LOL… half KD for every step you make? by the time you're out of the airport you end up paying 3 KDs

    15. worker says:

      you don't want us to make a living? you have a lot of money for phone and expensive suit case what does it hurt to give us some of your fully wallet, we need to buy iphone, ipad, i am mad…

    16. 7mood says:

      Worker: Exactly…we work to earn those…why dont' you WORK to earn money? you are missing the main point here: the porter doesn't do a thing but WALKING next to people then expects money…why?
      No one would accept to pay me if i dont' give something in return WORK=MONEY. And by the way…i dont have an ipad or an iphone…who should be mad now?

    17. Pat says:

      Mr worker, excuse my ignorance but you do have a PC and some sort of an internet connection, your English is quite good for a worker while we can hardly communicate with all of you guys at the airport… in any language…. you are posting comments on a niche blog ehhhh why do i have a feeling that you are a "fake worker"!!

    18. Fayez says:

      hahaha good one Pat!! Of course he's fake…do u think this poor porter knows anything about IPad or IPhone? I'm sure he wasn;t lucky enough to learn how to write his name

    19. love says:

      These porters will never improve bcoz these porters are been supported by the kuwaity in kuwait airways and the cops sitting out there.Their supervisor who is kept to supervise them are they same,this same thing happened wt me i was there in they kuwait airways counter there was a lady standing beside me she asked the porter can i have this trolley he gave her the trolley and said pay 1 kd,he did not help her with carring her luggage but took they money for just giving her trolley.They are very rude in speaking they will insult u in a very bad way,someone should take some action agaist them instead of ingnoring them by just thinking that they are paid less salary.

    20. Jane says:

      This is for the information of visitors coming to Kuwait , AIRPORT TROLLEY is FREE of charge by yourself but if you really need one of those porters then you must pay them half dinar or .500fils…and it's written on the trolley itself that no charge for the trolley but you have to pay if you need a porter to push it all the way to the car park…

      In the airport, you can also read near the belts a signs that if you have any complain of over charging the trolley or any porters asking you more than the amount written there..Porters are taking advantage to those they think that new in Kuwait and they are mostly doing this to western and europians..coz they know they can get more money and some of them dont know how much that cost in kd or in dollar.

    21. Pretty Woman says:

      I always fight with my dad when he visits because on the way out of the airport the porter asks him for 1KD from the car to the XRay machine and the next porter asks for another 1KD and they tell him this is the policy…Last time I was travelling with him and he handed the 1KD to the porter who just walked with us like yours and tried to take the trolley after we put our laggage in the trunk, so I asked him why are you giving him 1KD while he didn't do a thing to help us with our things???.. My dad said: this is the policy and I should pay for the trolley 1KD!!!! So I called the guy back and showed my dad what was written on the trolley and If it wasn't for my father I would have taken the money back from the guy!!!!!!!! I don't mind giving the poor and I always give but I hate it when someone tries to rob me!!!!!

    22. Haitham H. ALSaffar says:

      Guys,,with all do respect to all opinions
      pushing the trolly wont harm your back
      carrying three or four pieces of heavy laggage weights between 30-50kgs EACH this will brake your back and your discs will be pulged iguess.
      let him walk on the side,,and let him carry the laggage to provent the disc prblem and pay him 0.5fils 1.5$. emagine.
      in JFK airport the porter will take 3$ per piece to carry your laggage,,come on guys and also you have to pay another 3$ to get the trolly out of its parking lane. i paid nearly 30$ 12kd from terminal 3 to terminal 4 wich is a 300meters in distance.
      what is a 1kd in your daily life guys come on ,,concider it as 2bars of choclate & 2 kdd orange juice & 2kitco chips for the kids,,we're throwing more than this in the garbage every day in our daily life.
      guys those people they get a salary of 30kd/month and they sleep in 10persons /room..have some petty on them,,
      if u dont like it push your trolly your self and carry your bags your self and brake your back your self,,and tell him thank you i dont need your service,,he will not jump and carry your laggage by force,,he will step away.

    23. Haitham ALSaffar says:

      A word for mostafa who spoke about kuwaities like their totally depanding on foreigners,,NO SIR,,kuwaities are jenerious and open handed to others and verry kind hearted to those poor labor,,,they opened their houses for them and 70-85% i can say opend houses in their countries out of their work in kuwaities houses,,,and most of foreigners worked in kuwait they cant go back to their countries cuz they got used to kuwait comfy way of living ,,,you cant find any where in the world a falafel sandwich for 0.100fils or shawarma sandwich for 0.250fils,,where also you dont pay a 6-25% tax in the most of the world,,,so you should thank god for living in kuwait ,not in iraq,not in lebya,not in syria,,not in tunisia,,not in yemen,,not in bahrain,,not in iran,,not in lebanon,,,,,if you dont like ,,leave it ,,in PEACE.
      thank you

    24. Mary Mogan says:

      These porters are not managed – that is the problem. And they are being allowed to victimize travellers. If we tell them to leave us alone – then they should leave us alone. The last time I went through this airport, I looked the guy right in face and told him "Get away from me, go help a Kuwaiti!" He gave me a dirty look and ran away. I think we agree it is not really about the money, it is that we are being 'BULLYED' by these porters into handing them money when we don't want their services. I have never experienced such behaviour in any airport in the world except Kuwait. SHAME ON YOU KIA!!!!

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