Trash alert!

i received a complaint from the neighborhood tenants about the trash piling-up in front of their buildings - this area is basically parallel to gulf road in ras salmiya, the inner road that takes you to naranj - that corner is between olympia mall, and symphony mall, but obviously no one even cares to collect the trash despite the strategic location.

this is becoming a major problem for the people residing in the vicinity as the trash is basically occupying their parking lots & polluting the air they breath - anyone listening?

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    1. neighbor says:

      Thank you for sharing and hope someone is listening

    2. Hiba103 says:

      Finally someone talked about this! I have my morning walk everyday and this is the sight seeing I have on my way to the scientific center. It’s disgusting and growing since more than 2 weeks

    3. TKG says:

      For one of the top richest countries in the world they sure do rank high in regards to messy and stinky as well.

    4. Gossiper says:

      I see those men in yellow on every red light. Each one has his own corner like pimps and they clean from under my car when I stop to get a few fils.. Why not cleaning THIS instead?

    5. Traveler says:

      I find it interesting that people complained to you about the trash. Has blogging risen to that level of civic service? Or should I just be glad my blog has a different set of readers who tend not to send complaints to me?

    6. 965malls says:

      we complain a lot so people send us theirs too, but in this case it was a neighbor who knows a neighbor so it is pure wasta :) – depending on what your blog is all about, people will start sending you stuff, you choose to publish or simply ignore

    7. Traveler says:

      Oh I get stuff, just not complaints — since the focus of the blog when I started it 3 years ago was motorcycles I used to get a lot of biker babe pictures. Some were interesting to say the least :)

    8. 965malls says:

      cool.. love bikes, you should have quite a collection!

    9. Rgz1 says:

      Rose, is that you? Is everything ok?! Idk your comment seemed too…not you…clean…normal…

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