Two good movies to watch

husband is back!! excuse the borrowed line arnold! 2 movies in 2 days, and it seems he's planning for more...

the expendables 2 is quite fun, what the kids liked is the new special effects borrowed from playstation games - usually when a guy gets punched in the face or shot from a distance you don't see the special effects details, but in this movie, everything shows... a bullet hits a guy and he looses his head, he gets punched in the face and blood splashes out! the details are so real and so playstation like it makes it a bit violent for kids - lots of funny lines though and hilarious situations, my favorite was a guy getting shot at the airport scanner, you basically see his scanned body getting shot and killed as his rifle triggers the machine's alarm - you have to watch that scene, it is very funny - jet li has a small role, while arnold schwarzenegger has got a bigger and funnier one in the second part of warner bros franchise.

as for batman the dark night rises, i think it was a great finale - a bit slow in the beginning, but action and suspense kick in towards the middle and the ending leaves a few surprises too - though bane is considered to be the strongest villain batman has ever faced, i still think that ducard (ra's al ghul played by liam neeson) was much stronger and more dangerous in batman begins - the only reason why bane is so strong is because batman has become sloppy!

so two good movies to watch, the expendables is more on the light side, whilst batman has much more substance - on the other hand, i think that as a director christopher nolan is simply amazing, and much more creative than simon west, what he's done in inception is still engraved in my memory till today! by the way, 2 actors are borrowed from inception, tom hardy (bane) and marion cotillard (miranda).

enjoy both movies.

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    1. Pat says:

      I watched batman, it was awesome, loved anne hathaway in catwoman :)

    2. ahmed says:

      I love how you have to leave Kuwait to something as see a movie without all the bullsh*t. Why do we live here? Are we doing time? There's a world of life outside this country that holds us down with shackles. I feel really sorry for young people who's parents have fprced them to grow up in a couyntry like this, and yes I know it could be Saudi, but it could be Dubai if the government cared with the oil wealth.

    3. mishmash says:

      it’s about choices, people make a choice and they have to assume the good and the bad. Every country in the world has positives and negatives, and though I like your idea if “doing time” I strongly believe that if life is too harsh to live, then make a decision sooner better than later as life gies on…

    4. Abdul says:

      Expandables 2 is on my to do list this weekend so thanks for the review :) I like this kind of movies and humour

    5. husband says:

      bane is cool but i don't think he can ever be a match to joker – joker made a much better villain, he was more challenging and smarter, this guy is a brute – on the other hand, bane's voice was re-dubbed as people complained in the imax version about the quality of the sound, you can check a video showing the before and after difference in the following link:

    6. husband says:

      there are actually 3 more actors who appeared in the dark night rises and inception:
      1- cillian murphy (dr crane / scarecraw in batman and robert fisher in inception)
      2- joseph gordon levitt (blake or future robin in batman and arthur in inception
      3- michael caine (alfred the butler in batman and miles in inception)
      add to those bane tom hardy and marion cotillrad you'll have 5 main actors in both movies in addition to the same director of course

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