VIVA shoot day 1 update

as promised, here's an update of viva shoot - this time we're revealing a kitchen, yes a kitchen, with probably matchbous, biryani or may be not :) we won't tell you - but hey, what does a kitchen have to do with a castle? stay tuned, abdulrazak alissa from viva will tell us in due time.

    10 Responses to “VIVA shoot day 1 update”

    1. Zaid says:

      Food & castles? Is it about a banquet?

    2. mishmash says:

      coming together :)

    3. 965malls says:

      ha ha ha… no banquets!

    4. Pinkish says:

      Ok what next? Clich├ęs Crescents of course!!

    5. 965malls says:

      Naaa ;)

    6. Kman says:

      Nice Villa.
      I want one!!

    7. sara BMW says:

      nice pic raaaaaz and taaaan 3ala zozo

    8. sara BMW says:

      by the way eshlon zozo?

    9. Viva rules says:

      Khoooooosh villa :) and you call this work! hahaha i would love to work like that. But no matter what, viva is the best.

    10. sara BMW says:

      3ala zozooooo

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