1. sarah says:

    Enjoy your summer in Beirut! let know the status of the conditions there, not sure if they have lifted the travel ban in the Gulf.

  2. 965malls says:

    Thank you Sarah :) I am enjoying it so far, situation is far more different than what we hear abroad as life is totally normal here, people enjoying summer and going out to work as usual. Believe me if you don't watch the news(like me) you wouldn't know anything about this stressful situation. And to my surprise, there are tourists but not from the Gulf though, besides, there are so many concerts and Stars are still coming over, so I really hope that the travel ban in the Gulf is lifted soon :)

  3. Shameless says:

    Have funnnnnn!!! I really hope that they lift the ban too :) About this post… I am surprised on how they knew about it and stated that they can't spray! This is too disgusting!

  4. ahmed says:

    @Shameless – this airport is disgusting, but there is a new section built by AlShaya with Starbucks/Pinkberry/Potbelly that is nice but roaches travel. I always pray that my flight leaves from this section, the other two, yes only two, are full of chaos. I think they will always need this airport even if they start building the new one, which hasn't even begun yet. I think in the past Kuwait always had two airports. They could start utilizing Sheik Saad terminal for business/first class passengers and take some foot traffic out of this airport or bring back Wataniya. I guess they don't inspect eating establishments in this airport because I would inspect and close this place down.

  5. MM99 says:

    Glad to hear that you arrived safely – I guess the radar was working.

  6. 965malls says:

    Thank you MM99 well I guess some prayers are always heard and pilots are good even with bad radars :))

  7. Barroon says:

    Well. These days one don’t know where to eat and where to trust. Until now each time I sit in a restaurant and order salad I remember the post Mark wrote ages ago about a worm on salad in Johnny rocket and comments people left about similar experiences they had in various restaurant.
    Few weeks back I was ordering food in SC Salmiya from the buffet to take home, I notice same size roache as the one in photo. It was running fast and before I take a photo the roache was long gone. I stopped taking food since then.
    hope you have better exprience in beirut

  8. taylor says:

    @Barroon – I refuse to eat out in kuwait, but if they had inspectors that went around kuwait inspecting all restaurants, salad bars in grocery stores etc. just think how many jobs they could increase. After each inspection, the person would post a sign that they were inspected and each eating establishment, whether a food court, grocery store, or restaurant would have a number in English/Arabic where people could call if they get food poisening. Food poisening is huge in this country. But if this airport would get inspected, maybe the whole food court would be closed down?

  9. RM&FJK says:

    that is so disgusting…and it's against the health code….

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