i came across this message on instagram and sent it to my husband for posting - i guess it is worth sharing as there are gangs of thieves roaming around town, stealing houses and committing sexual assault - basically, they knock on doors and ask for the house owner, the maid would let them in thinking they're no strangers, then the looting starts stealing whatever is valuable.

this happened in mishref and south surra where a maid was raped - so be careful, tell your housekeepers not to open the door for strangers and be fully alert.

    12 Responses to “Warning!”

    1. Pinkish says:


    2. Rose says:

      Seriously? What are you afraid of? Bring them on babe!!! FOUR GUYS!! Helllllllllllllooooooooo?? Come to mama, shall I send them my address?? At least I’ll put their menace off the streets :)

    3. Pinkish says:

      LMAO!! Rose!! behave, it's Ramadan!!

    4. Rose says:

      Exactly!!! I’m doing good am I not?? Bad guys are in the streets and I am the rape police… They are the ones who should behave in Ramadan not me :)

    5. Zaid says:

      Well i must say Rose has got a valid point here Pinkish.look Rose, why don't you send me your address and if i come across this gang i'll let them know looool. this is also for the good of the society ;-)

    6. 7essa says:

      That's so scary!!! Why doesn't the police do anything about this?!

    7. sarah says:

      Because they are weak, corrupt and ill-trained. People need to invest in survellience camera's now, the country is out of control. I should not have to fear being raped if I call a policeman when I am in trouble – we should not have to fear law and order.

    8. walid29 says:

      This is crazy! As if we live in a jungle and follow jungle rules and law!

    9. Maryam says:

      Thanks, I live in this area and thought I was one of the lucky ones to live in a safe area in Kuwait….well not anymore. I will look into survellience camera's and have called my maid to not open the door for anyone. I would be devastated if anyone hurt her.

    10. mishmash says:

      i'm calling rose for help, no need for cameras :)

    11. TKG says:

      I heard that this gang of 4 have also murdered a mutawa and have broken into places in Jleeb as well.

      Rose to the rescue though I need these guys to take out all the anger I have in me. Let me at them and they will be taken care of Mafia style :) There are only two ways to reduce anger and both have been mentioned LoL

      As for the law enforcement there is no point calling them up unless you want to end up in the desert anyways … just saying

    12. rushessay says:

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