Wataniya Airways closing down

i heard from a trusted source that wataniya airways is closing down for good - if you go to wataniyaairways.com and try to book a seat to any destination you get the above message - too bad for wataniya airways and for kuwait, this will send negative ripples across the country's economy - i wish all the employees the best of luck in securing a job...

    7 Responses to “Wataniya Airways closing down”

    1. Kman says:

      Too bad !! Damn ..

      i liked that airline

    2. lulu21 says:

      it did???? what about those who already booked their trips????

    3. Omar says:

      I just got an sms from wataniya saying that they stopped all their flights and shut the company down due to the financial and political situations..

    4. Nasser says:

      This is totally insane! They didn't give themselves a chance, how come they don't have financial support? I really don't understand how a company that started a year ago with a great success decides to shut down :( this is so sad, It was a wonderful airline and made us so proud.

    5. Fahed says:

      Expected! They've been canceling flights lately and they lack good plans. They terminated 250 person in November, and now the rest.. It's a shame that those employees lost their jobs! Did anyone think about how many families they ruined?

    6. RBG says:

      sometimes things are too good to be true …

    7. essayholic says:

      Marketing is going up on the same ways. It deals with the huge one on the same culture. It deals with the huge one with the lot of prices. It will be dealing with the suitable and valuable factor in their life.

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