Wataniya Airways closing down

i heard from a trusted source that wataniya airways is closing down for good - if you go to wataniyaairways.com and try to book a seat to any destination you get the above message - too bad for wataniya airways and for kuwait, this will send negative ripples across the country's economy - i wish all the employees the best of luck in securing a job...

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    1. Kman says:

      Too bad !! Damn ..

      i liked that airline

    2. lulu21 says:

      it did???? what about those who already booked their trips????

    3. Omar says:

      I just got an sms from wataniya saying that they stopped all their flights and shut the company down due to the financial and political situations..

    4. Nasser says:

      This is totally insane! They didn't give themselves a chance, how come they don't have financial support? I really don't understand how a company that started a year ago with a great success decides to shut down :( this is so sad, It was a wonderful airline and made us so proud.

    5. Fahed says:

      Expected! They've been canceling flights lately and they lack good plans. They terminated 250 person in November, and now the rest.. It's a shame that those employees lost their jobs! Did anyone think about how many families they ruined?

    6. RBG says:

      sometimes things are too good to be true …

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