We don’t talk politics, but..

usually we don't talk about politics, nor religion, however the situation in the country is boiling and for the first time we hear voices directly attacking hh the emir, with big words & threats...

some friends have told us that the situation is very serious and that it resembles a bit the days before the iraqi invasion, anything can happen in the next few days - i've been also told to think of a plan b!

not sure if this is that serious, what i know is that we've never heard such public speeches in kuwait before and this is raising a lot of concerns - i guess expats in kuwait should at least think of a possible b plan, however we are still optimistic, we don't think the situation will get out of control, hopefully..

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    1. Xpat says:

      looks like people are even afraid to comment. The situation for us is not easy, if anything goes wrong webdon’t know what to do or where to go. We left our home countries fir a reason and we can’t simply gi back

    2. Plan B says:

      No just a busy expat – listen, I guess I have the green light to 'diplomatically' talk politics, thank you! What will happen to these peoplethat are getting rather heated and attacking the government will more than likely end up in jail and for your information Kuwait was on that show 'Banged Up Abroad' so their jails are similar to the notorious disgusting jails in the region – might want to add 'NEW JAIL' to the development plan! This man pictured above was not around in the political limelight when this country should have started the development plan, but these very people were used to stall the development plan and now have turned on the government. What do I mean by that, just look around, really? I was gased yesterday with all of you more than likely by government incompetence, but they can go overseas and build a new refinery in Vietnam? The Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafist Movement have had a strangle hold on the Parliament for a while now and watching the MB run a government is like waiting for an elephant to fly.

    3. Plan B says:

      con't.They are incompetent and Islamic issues go to the forefront which leaves women and children vunerable, They don't understand how to implement the development plan which is sorely needed in this nation and quite frankly this nation would be better off, like the UAE, without a Parliament or RESTRUCTURE it by putting 'grilling' in front of the Constiutional Courts, electing three key Emiri decree positions for Environmental Issues (remember we were gased yesterday) and an Airport Affairs Minister who would handle airport issues, national carrier issues and finally a Transportation Minister that would handle the implementation of a New Metro, buses and road development. Three key areas that need immediate attention. To allow the MB to continue to highjack this nation only stagnates a nation that is already years behind the rest of the GCC.

    4. 965malls says:

      most welcome! this is an exception, you can talk politics freely on this post, though we won’t :) agree with most of your points

    5. Bachaèr says:

      Dearest friends in 965malls,
      usually i comment in french, but since ur readers prefer english
      so here it is
      what 's happening in kuwait now happens in every country so naturally
      please try and have an open mind and ear
      listening to all point of view and certainly to a normal citizen like u and me
      before judging what we r demanding
      a human needs a roof over his head
      hospitals to cure him
      and education for his children
      and when u have the means it 's a shame not to demande

    6. 965malls says:

      thank you so much for your comforting words bachaèr – always a pleasure to read your comments in any language you deem appropriate :) we are just worried, we've been through a lot in our own country and we don't want that kind of trouble for our beloved kuwait.

    7. TKG says:

      Honestly Kuwait has a lot of problems at the moment but this should cure it eventually. Everything I guess is coming to light as there are too many things missing in out beloved Kuwait that can easily be provided if not for the people who want to see Kuwait fall. I don’t really enjoy politics but this is my two fils on the matter.

      P.S. Are the western army forces due to leave Kuwait end of this year as was scheduled to happen?

    8. 965malls says:

      not sure we have the answer to that tkg – such plans keep on changing..

    9. TKG says:

      I know things keep on changing

    10. John Martin says:

      Frequently we don't converse in relation to government or religious conviction, but the circumstances in the nation is scorching with the cheap research papers online original moment we listen to voice honestly aggressive the emir, with huge language and intimidation.

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