Welcome to McGill


the main reason we went to canada was to take the campus tour at mcgill university - first you have to formally subscribe to the tour, then they give you a date and time for the visit - we went there in the morning an american student took charge of our group - he basically showed us almost half of the campus in 2 and a half hours.

what strikes you most as a parent, is the security facilities at the university - imagine that if a student is afraid to walk back to the dorms, he can contact security and they would show up to wherever he is on the campus and walk him to his room, if it's the weekend and he is partying downtown and wants a ride back to the dorms, all he has to do is contact security and a car will be sent to pick him up and drop him at the dorms.

the campus also has facilities to fix the students bikes for free, among other things, and what is interesting is that mcgill doesn't force the student to show up to the classes, he comes his win, he doesn't his loss, though every course is filmed and uploaded to the net so that no student misses a class - what is important for them is the quality of the student, if he goes the extra mile he will stay, if he is average he will be out immediately as good students are waiting in line - so if you get a chance to get in, you have to hang on and fight for your right o continue.

mcgill is known for being the best in medicine, actually mcgill students opened james mcgill's grave and conducted a dna test, only to discover that he was buried with his accountant when his tomb was moved to the campus - quite a funny story, but it shows how progressive the university is and how open-minded they are.


as canadians, the tuition fees for our son will be can $ 7,100 for the whole year, at the number 1 university in canada and one of the best universities across the globe versus more than us $ 11,000 school fees at the french school! yeah, makes you wonder!

i loved this university so much i wanted to stay there and enroll as a senior student, you never know, maybe one day i will..

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      Good luck to your son :)

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