What is Casper & Gambini up to?

the day before yesterday, a friend of mine orders a greek salad from casper & gambini (sharq, around arraya center) - as the menu states, he pays 2,150 kd for the order - yesterday, he and a couple of guys decide to visit the restaurant instead of ordering in, but to everyone's surprise, the price of the salad jumps to 3, 450 kd!

he calls the waiter and asks him if the portions were the same for table & delivery, the waiter confirms the exact match - then the next logical question was about the price discrepancy, to which the waiter replies that delivery is actually cheaper than table or dine-in!

the guys were all puzzled as why would delivery be cheaper, like 38% cheaper!?! no wonder the restaurant is always empty! i mean what is casper's objective, drive people away from the restaurant and encourage delivery? if so, why pay a fat rent for such a big space in the first place? can someone explain??

thanks ramy for the story - if i were you, i'd order the salad to the office, then take it down to the restaurant and eat it there, slowly, very slowly just for spite!

    16 Responses to “What is Casper & Gambini up to?”

    1. sarah says:

      Only in Kuwait!

    2. mishmash says:

      WTH??!! Where is consumer protection authority?

    3. amir says:

      There isn't one.

    4. Sunny says:

      best idea is to visit the restaurant and call their home delivery service and ask them to deliver in So & So table.. simple… :P

    5. Shameless says:

      I just had the same idea as @Sunny loooool they can't deny that it's delivery LMAO

    6. barroon says:

      two weeks ago me and my friend went to marina crescent to meet and eat. since it was weekend and our first choice ( chocolate bar) was full and we had to wait for a table. we went to Gasper. We both felt ripped off and agreed that price are too high for nothing and not to meet there in future. Its true that when you sit in restaurant you rent the table but I can’t say there was exceptional service. and yes the place was empty in weekend that’s why we sat at first place.

    7. 965malls says:

      with this pricing strategy, tables will always be empty! btw, service charge can be 10%, 15% but 38%?? that's not acceptable by any measure..

    8. TKG says:

      Service charge :O Wasn't that like removed by the authorities?

    9. 906 The City says:

      أتمنى تزور موقعنا و مدونتنا و تعجبكم انشالله

      love ur blog and always check it out plzzz check out mine

    10. mariam says:

      No the authorities in dubai did that, not kuwait.

    11. Casper And Gambinis says:

      Dear Valued Customer,
      We thank you for your loyalty to Casper & Gambini’s and for highlighting on the difference of prices between restaurant and delivery menus.
      Indeed, there is a difference which is a result of the numerous services our customers get at the restaurant and which are not offered on delivery. We can wrap up these add-ons services by few words: sitting in a relaxed atmosphere and being served by a smiling staff, starting by tasty toast/bread and cheese, while enjoying a WIFI service and a rich menu with items not present on the delivery menu.
      These services are only few of many others, since we always strive to offer the best to our customers.

      Any restaurant having the same list of prices between restaurant and delivery menus would be either miscalculating or increasing its delivery prices without valid reason.

      Thank you again for your interest. It only shows that you care about Casper & Gambini’s. We hope our answer was insightful enough. We remain at your disposal for any additional query and we hope to see you again at C&G Dhow Tower or to receive your delivery order.

      Customer Care Team

    12. Only in Kuwait! says:

      Name me one restaurant in Dubai, for example, that does this?

    13. Pat says:

      in other words, service charge… buddy, if you want to embed service charge, go ahead, but 38%?????!!!!! i've never heard of a 38% service charge!!

    14. FreeSmile says:

      This is bull! I don't see real smiley faces in the restaurant more than the delivery guy and I'm not going to pay for a smile!!! I smile for free and don't ask you to pay me back.. Sorry but I don't agree with the 38%.. I like C&G a lot, still this is too much

    15. sarah says:

      They would have a delivery charge and not 38%, who do you think you are fooling. This is ridiculous and VERY poor business sense.

    16. srah says:

      lol those services are free in every other restaurant in kuwait
      you are just making stupid excuses and hoping people will be as stupid to believe that?
      that just made me decide to make sure me and my friends do NOT give you any more business–we dont mind paying but when we are being robbed and excuses are being made for that–its too much!

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