What next for Saudi women? Special concentration camps?

i so resent what women are going through in the name of religion, especially in saudi arabia - the latest wonders of "the commission for the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice" (the kingdom’s most feared religious law-enforcement group) is now forcing women to fully cover-up their faces if their eyes are found to be seditious.

who decides if women's eyes are seditious or not? sedition is in the sick minds of those who look at women with lust in their eyes - isn't it enough women in saudi arabia must veil their faces in public? isn't it enough they're forbidden from their basic human rights like voting or even driving?

i have a wonderful idea for "the commission for the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice" - how about taking all saudi women to special concentration camps? i am sure you will be doing them a favor and you will all live in peace and harmony forever and ever not feeding your eyes with the mere sight of flesh, the almighty forbidden fruit!

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    1. 7ossa says:

      As you said, it's all in those perverts mind!!! Allah created us equal, and we weren't covered but men have a way of thinking and acting and they always need to blame us for their actions. They are weak and therefore they ask us to cover up…but they forget that when we cover up and things are more secret, it becomes more wanted and looked at.. they hide behind OUR veils.. it's not us that are hiding. They are the ones behind the prison bars not us. No wonder we read about so many sexual crimes in the region, specially those involving children..

    2. maryiam says:

      In August 2010, the head of some Islamic Judicial Council in Saudi Arabia was arrested in Dubai for smoking hashish in his hotel room and was in the company of a Moroccan hooker. Not sure why he thought that the smell would not permeate throughout the halls? But this was an embarrassing moment for Dubai Police who had to force him to marry her to get out of that one, the hashish, however, he was guilty. Religious people, regardless of which religion, are not perfect, and have the same vices that non-religious people do, but what make them different is that they use religion as a shield to hide their vices which in some people's eyes is worse and highly hypocritical. These people make these laws against women.

    3. Hiba103 says:

      Hope that someday women rule the world and show those specific men how it is to be erased

    4. TKG says:

      I read about this and from my prospective side I just want to say sorry to every single woman. Although I don't fit in this category since I would treat every and any woman as a sister or a friend, many men are known to let their minds wonder into territories that are forbidden! The devils work basically. It is upsetting to hear that they even have to cover the eyes :( men never think about the possibility that that woman they staring at is someone's daughter! Someone's wife! Someone's Mother someday! My question: if that woman was your sis or mum or wife, would you want men staring at her the way you do? Most say No but then they themselves are doing it.

      Whatever happened to now looking at a woman who you don't know or isn't your better half?

      Men and sex :/ I feel sorry for their desires in this craving alone! Food for thought: during prayers what do a lot of men thing about?

    5. Freak says:

      It's amazing how men try to blame anyone and anything for THEIR thoughts. I mean come on!!! If a woman's eyes are pretty she should cover them?? We are the Almighty's creation, and no matter what religion we follow we shouldn't be afraid of what we are. All goes in the mind it's either twisted or normal, and it's of course the perverts that ask for reasons to blame others for what they think and do

    6. Pinkish says:

      @mariyam it is sad to see religious people behave like that, now matter what their faith is, i remember that priest who burned the koran last year and that was shameful for me as christian.. sometimes the most unexpected and hideous acts come from those who preach love and peace

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