What next?

don't you think that malls have become littered with advertising space? marina mall has a kiosk between every other kiosk, the avenues has perfume stalkers stands like every 4 meters, then you've got danglers hanging from the ceilings, banners stuck on walls, floor stickers, pillar stickers, promoters, walking balloons, elevator banners, bathroom stickers and parking megas... everywhere you go there is an advertising space awaiting for you, you feel as if advertisers are hunting you down!

as for the latest idea, a stand that offers sanitizer foam from one end and a digital advertising space from the other! i spotted frankenstein's creation at alfanar mall the other day and it cracked me up!

seriously now, how far will people go to bombard you with promotions and offers?? i mean what next? elevator ceilings banners?? you know most people walk into the elevators and in order to avoid strangers they look up the ceiling, this would be the ultimate opportunity to catch someone when he has nothing else to do - it will be ideal for religious messages, you can draw a sky, put some clouds and sell a ticket to heaven, and with the right elevator music, it will be the ideal sight & sound experience.. how about that??!!

    6 Responses to “What next?”

    1. Pat says:

      I am sure marina mall will implement the elevator idea :)

    2. Traveler says:

      Have you looked above a urinal lately? –the space is filled with ads.

    3. 965malls says:

      here's what we think about toilet advertising, we wrote this a few days after starting the blog, a funny way to advertise it

    4. Bashdeer says:

      OMG that's so true don't forget the sagway adds and the human ads as well ( a man wearing the ad itself giving you a pamphlet :) )

    5. 965malls says:

      those too!! the list is endless!!!

    6. Well, i believe its much better that all the stuff you mentioned, i mean this actually gives you some kind of service so in many ways its better and the small screen doesn't really bombard people with ads rather if you are interested in sanitizing your hands; you will be exposed to the ads. i do agree that advertising has become some what of a nuisance lately, and people are realizing that companies are doing whatever it takes to get their attention, however, you gotta remember that its not about whether companies will advertise or not, since that is fact of life (eg. your website) its about how they do it, and relatively speaking, this unit is innovative, engaging and best of all simple.

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