What took them so long??

i was wondering why this embarrassing problem has not been solved yet despite the technological advancement especially in textile production - then i came across this article in the daily mail and here it is finally, the perspiration-proof shirt from marks & spencer - no more sweat, no more dark patches under your arm with this sweat resistant shirt called dri-guard - the high-tech fabric works by drawing the perspiration away from the skin and into the inner fabric, then dispersing it as vapor.

amazing isn't it? i think the dri-guard would do wonders in our part of the world..

    4 Responses to “What took them so long??”

    1. Kman says:

      I want one!! Smart!

    2. Hiba103 says:

      Oh yes please!! Some men sweat in a very… let’s say intense way. So glad there’s something finally smell proof!!

    3. m7ammad says:

      people with underarm sweat issues should get botox injections, they last for a year…only downside is cost (200 KD more or less)

    4. 965malls says:

      200 kds? but what about the side effects? it seems this is not recommended..

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