What’s the big deal with Dean & Deluca?

though dean & deluca has been open for almost 3 years, we never had the chance to try it - may be because it is always packed, or simply because of its location in the center of dome 2, right under the nose of every passing tom dick & harry.

nevertheless, we decided to try it over the weekend, and frankly, we were so disappointed! the kids took the english breakfast and they were only impressed by its presentation - the little one didn't even finish his dish so he ordered spaghetti, which he ditched after a few bites - but that was not it, you should have seen my husband's face when he saw his ouzi dish landing on the table... it was priceless, just like a kid disappointed with his birthday gift! he obviously saw a different picture on the menu, and despite the waiter's heads-up he decided to go for it - he took a few bites and ditched the dish too!

i was probably the happiest person on the table with my club sandwich - it wasn't that impressive but the fries were a hit! i wanted to try the lobsters, but at 18 kd.. hell no!

overall the place is really overrated and we left so confused, wondering why it is always packed! not sure there will be a second time for us though.

    22 Responses to “What’s the big deal with Dean & Deluca?”

    1. Kuwaitiful says:

      Location location location.

      People here love التطمش

    2. TKG says:

      People are there only to look back at those who walk by :p

      i’ve never eaten there but I almost did once

      People here make a big deal about anything even though many restaurants on the high end serve food that is really poor quality.

    3. 965malls says:

      I realize that now, after trying the food! 100% تطمش

    4. Shameless says:

      I thought that I was the only person in Kuwait who didn't like their food!!! hahaha finally someone is like me. I too wondered what do people see in it and why is it always crowded. Thank you so much!!!!

    5. mishmash says:

      You are not the only one who don't like their food, it's just the location as mentioned by Kuwitiful

    6. Rose says:

      LMAO !!!!!! did you guys notice the sausage's position in the pate in the middle of the red tomato and the mashed potato?? loool…. Dean and Deluca here i come!!!

    7. mishmash says:


      Rose Rose Rose!! How do you spot such things!! you're really twisted minded!!

      Is this how the dish was presented??

    8. 965malls says:

      O M G !!!
      how did we miss that!! yes this is how it was presented, the kid had just snatched a fry from my plate and laid it on top of the eggs… Rose you can be so naughty sometimes!!

    9. Pinkish says:

      What did i miss??? sausages?? where? where? ha ha ha, this picture alone deserves a dedicated post!

    10. Orange says:

      i took my finace there on his first visit to kuwait. Big Big Big mistake.
      I still taunts on that ouzi ='(

    11. 965malls says:

      absolutely! down with that ouzi! they better remove it from the menu!

    12. guest says:

      I ordered ouzi once because the photo in the menu was so appealing…then the disaster came along.. what was this thing in my plate??? nothing that looked like it's photo…why? no idea why they don't change it..

    13. PKG says:

      Ok, its not all THAT bad. Yeah, most of it is and they r wayy over priced for the food they give.. but try the All Berry Waffles with the Red Cherry Syrup. Its amazing.. And also the Omlette with sauteed mushrooms.. But thats it, nuttin else.. lool

    14. 965malls says:

      Loool, good cop bad cop??

    15. Bachaèr says:

      Complètement d’accord et en plus on ne vend pas des marrons glacés là bas

    16. 965malls says:

      A voir la file d'attente on se dit que c'est tellement bon, mais franchement on a tous été déçus, et les prix sont assez élevés. Mais bon on a au moins essayé et on a une idée maintenant. Pas de marrons glacés mais il ya du caviar :-p

    17. TKG says:

      I wish I could meet Rose some day LooL

      You are the kinda girl to hang out with ;)

    18. matchmaker says:

      I think TKG should go on a blind date with Rose and their first date should be at Dean and Deluca. How about it guys?

    19. Dave says:

      I put my comment on the wrong post! Damn iPhone. So here it is:

      Ha ha ha. Good one matchmaker!! But I hope he doesn’t order the English breakfast to Rose or else!!

    20. 965malls says:

      Never mind, I removed it

    21. Rose says:

      well well well….. it seems that i became famous on this blog where i speak my mind freely..
      @Dave: what do you mean by what else? don't jump to conclusions babe, i'll take that meat stick any time of the day
      @TKG: i do have a boyfriend (with big muscles) so i can't hang out with you for your own sake. sorry!

      that's the beauty of the virtual world -a girl can speak up her mind without being seen, recognized or even harassed :) she can be naughty on one blog and conservative on another

    22. TKG says:

      Rose I figured you would have had a bf since its rare to find someone like you ;p though it doesn’t hurt to try. And FYI I’m not scared of a guy with muscles as I’m no chicken to run away from a good fight (though we Brits are known to be against fighting) but I love a good fight anytime and day even if I would end up being killed at the end of it ;D

      Lool at all the comments regarding a blind date and ordering the breakfast.

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