What’s this traffic all about?

what's wrong with traffic this week? it was really crazy, you can't drive anywhere without being stuck for hours - imagine that we've spent 65 minutes yesterday from salmiya to the avenues!! we left at 7:30 pm and reached at 8:35 pm - all that traffic was caused by a bottleneck over the 55 bridge - for some reason the 55 was blocked, and it simply affected traffic on the 5th ring road.

it's becoming unbearable, especially in the morning and nights - maybe it's time we buy a bike!

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    1. Jass says:

      It is becoming a nightmare, used to take me 15 minutes to work and now it takes half an hour. I have also to leave earlier..

    2. Ahmed says:

      One time i was driving to The Avenues at 7:30AM and there was traffic!,thank goodness it didnt last too long. But its the same thing that keeps happening from the morning to the afternoon and looks like its also happening in the evening!. Wheres the traffic police?

    3. 965malls says:

      not sure police can solve this, needs investment in new infrastructure..

    4. TKG says:

      I wish I had a jet pack or got an Iron Man suit already :p

      Yeah traffic in Kuwait is only going to get worse

    5. dan says:

      Your mistake is that you went to the Avenues at 7:30 PM, you can't do that in today's Kuwait, unless you are prepared to travel on gridlocked freeways full of the most outrageously poor drivers on earth. Then when you arrive at the Avenues they built the entrance at the bottom of a freeway offramp (now needs to be closed) and you have to be careful not to miss the exit on the offramp on the 5th ring road. I do the 'creep up', like most foreigners, I go Friday mornings at 10:00 Am, otherwise I don't go to the Avenues. There are bottlenecks all over Kuwait that causes a domino effect through the roads. This is caused by poor road development, timing off on the street lights, and a lack of law enforcement on the roads to ticket bad drivers.

    6. Moe22 says:

      too late to fix anything, have you seen anything get fixed around here??

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