What’s wrong with KNCC online?

though i should be taking a break from the blog during my vacation with the kids, i received this complaint from a friend of mine who is failing to book cinema tickets through kncc online - she followed the necessary steps and registered to the site, then got this message saying a verification code has been emailed to you and sent via sms to your mobile number, however, the sms never reached and the email below doesn't really show any verification code!

my friend tried to open a second account, but the problem persisted, she tried to call the hot line on several occasions and no one answered - can anyone suggest a solution?

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    1. Mazen says:

      They are going to be closed for the last 10 days of Ramadan

    2. Me says:

      Thanks Mazen, but this happened with me days ago… Not sure what the problem is, I asked around and some people are having the same problem

    3. Bahaar says:

      I went through same process to book my ticket. but this was about 2 month ago and it worked fine. I received the verification code both on my phone and email and completed my booking.

    4. Me says:

      Lucky you, there must be a system failure, a bug or something.. Hope they fix it soon

    5. Traveler says:

      I had the same thing happen — called the hotline got an account OK— then I found out I couldnt use a US credit card.

    6. Hopeless says:

      Tough luck! I lost hope trying..

    7. TKG says:

      Well I am sure someone from KNCC will read this post and sort out the problem just be patient :)

    8. newbie_12 says:

      No ways! I have been facing tthe exact same problem since april!! I have to keep ringing them up for the verification code :-/ I do get an email stating that I have booked tickets, but still no code!

    9. Pissedoff says:

      I had an old account and when this whole registration system started they asked me for both email and mobile verifications. I got my email code and entered it but never got the mobile code which screwed my account. I tried several times with similar results, now I can’t book online anymore.

    10. mishmash says:

      Not to worry… no movies until Eid

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