When theft is left unpunished…

i read this article on arabtimes about a 13-year-old boy who managed to break into 17 cars during ramadan - the story could have been labeled as juvenile crimes news, but something was seriously wrong with that story as i read through it - can you imagine that this boy was sent away from iran by his father, to live with his mother in kuwait after many people started accusing him of theft!!

i can't believe this! so instead of straightening the boy, dad decides to export the problem to kuwait?? how irresponsible is that??

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    1. Well... says:

      This is not the only thing Iran is exporting to Kuwait, if you know what I mean…

    2. Busyman says:

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    3. 965malls says:

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    5. Bahaar says:

      My heart goes to the kid. In this specific scenario I believe parents are the one to be punished or admitted to a mandatory parenting classes. The kid obviously coming from a disturbed family situation and broken home. I am not a psychologist but I guess part of the theft is a desperate act from the kid to get his parents attention.

    6. Danah says:

      it goes without saying, the kid was not born a thief, his dad decided to cover up the problem by sending him to Kuwait, instead of teaching him some manners

    7. Abdul says:

      Maybe the dad sent him to kuwait coz market was better than Iran’s?? LOL just sayin

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