Why do i hate changing bulbs..

back in 2000, we were living in a furnished apartment behind al fanar mall in salmiya - one day the bulb in the bathroom exploded and i had to replace it - i removed the glass cover and found a white wire hanging from the ceiling, right next to the bulb socket - the wire looked at me in a suspicious way so i took a step back and turned the light switch off, just in case.

i started working on that busted bulb but my worry was still there, that wire was looking weirder and weirder so i stopped my work and went to the living room to turn the bathroom switch off at the main power board - somehow, i felt more comfortable working on that bulb with the switch off, but as i walked in the bathroom, that nasty looking wire looked at me with disdain! so i to be absolutely sure things are safe, i headed back to the living room and turned the main switch off! basically the whole flat was out of power, in the middle of the summer.

i stepped in the bathroom looking at that wire with defiance, and started my work, suddenly something grabs my hand and throws me on the floor! i was laying on my back, bouncing like a fish out of water, seeing stars moons and galaxies! that freakin wire had stricken!

this is how my famous line "why the rush" was born, it was born and yes it is a nightmare - bad news for indu.. but i'm not touching any bulbs as long as the buildings in kuwait come with such power cabling specs!

    20 Responses to “Why do i hate changing bulbs..”

    1. Traveler says:

      And over here that is amnly 220v not a wimpy 110v.

    2. Wife says:

      Hun, no lame excuses please! We were married 4 years before you turned into Nemo and Felix :p… it was either your dad or mine who changed the bulbs..so :)

    3. husband says:

      well, at least now I have a good excuse!! and as traveler said, it’s 220 V !!!

    4. Traveler says:

      Yup, manly electricity.

    5. Bachaèr says:

      That’s why there are two differents lights in the bathroom, when one strikes use the other one
      And when both are dead
      PLEASE get an electrician
      You don’t always know what’s behind coverd stuff!!!

    6. husband says:

      easier said than done, when one bulb is busted she wants to change it immediately because of the "sudden darkness" wbi3attim 3a alba – i appreciate some wasta with your friend :) tell her to be patient, why the rush?

    7. Wife says:

      Bachaer I thought you were my friend! LOL Don't give him ideas please he has enough on his own and staying in the dark is NOT an option :)

    8. house wife says:

      What about remaining house work, like drilling holes to hang frames and other kind of stuff, does he do that or sits back and relax????
      If he does,,, then you cant blame him for not changing the bulbs.
      If he doesnt then……ummm what can i say….try to get the point

    9. Wife says:

      My dear @house wife you just put your finger on the wound!! NOTHING of the above!! Don't get me started :( and there's no point, as I tried for years…

    10. Traveler says:

      Dude, you are getting out numbered fast — might be a good time to point out that when the lightbulb is out it saves on electricity, which dcreases demand, which prevents the building of new power plants, which helps reduce global warming — so you are not lazy — you are busy saving polarbears.

    11. Wife says:

      Hahaha @Traveler don’t forget that I mentioned that he was adorable :) so yeah…this is exactly his point ;)

    12. husband says:

      i like the way you think! we should hang out together one day :)

    13. RModak says:

      I was shocked by a microwave once…i've been terrified of electricity ever since!!

    14. husband says:

      finally someone who understands me!

    15. house wife says:

      @ Wife… you are not alone.. this is every wife's tale. When it comes to house work or ny kinda work related to house or kids, all the husbands become lazy.. i think we should sit together and sort out some kind of solution… glad i am not the only complaining wife with a ….. lazy… husband

    16. Traveler says:

      It is sempatico that the flouresant tube under which I work just went out. Indu avaiable?

    17. husband says:

      ha ha ha ha… good one traveler – you are so lucky, my father in law is in kuwait too!

    18. Traveler says:

      Never mind I tapped the tube and it flicked back on. I was going to try a hammer if the tapping didn't work.

    19. husband says:

      that was quick! I would have waited :)

    20. Wife says:

      @house wife thank you :) I’m ready whenever you are! I can write books about this :)
      And hubby .. At least @Traveler tried!!! *sigh*

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