Why Earth Hour works for Explorers Base?

explorers base celebrated earth hour yesterday at tilal complex - a great idea that works perfectly for the brand as it offers outdoor gear like tents, sleeping bags and various accessories for camping - why does it work? explorers base is for people who love outdoor activities and practice outdoor sports which enables them to interact with nature - hence giving back to nature from a brand that actually works in nature is a perfect fit.

a few ideas for the future, may be explorers base can build on this ad-hoc initiative and take it even further, by offering earth-friendly and recycled products fighting for earth conservation becoming an environmental champion, giving tips on how you as a citizen and how the government for that matter can improve the life of mother nature in kuwait.

while browsing explorers base's facebook page, i came across this awesome hunting archery! i don't know how it works, but it's a fantastic piece of art! anyways, well done explorers base, keep it up!

    7 Responses to “Why Earth Hour works for Explorers Base?”

    1. Gossiper says:

      Way to go explorers base!!! Thumbs up for earth hour

    2. Abdul says:

      Great work for earth lovers from you guys! What a wonderful example you're giving to others

    3. Pat says:

      Hold on a minute. Earth hour & hunting tools??!! These don’t go togeher!! Unless you’re hunting for eco balance!! What are these for?? Rhinos ??

    4. lulu21 says:

      Pat at least they started doing something, you can't just change people's habit over night. I think it's a good step so keep on the good work people :)

    5. Fayez says:

      Nice move, I was wondering if someone would actually do something about it, so I'm glad about the awarness

    6. mambo says:

      Checked their fb page and just loved the Outdoor Kitchen and the Pack & Carry Fire Place

    7. Indeed a nice one there.

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