Why is Burberry giving me the finger?

i am not a burberry client as i cannot afford it, but i was at marina mall with a couple of friends and we decided to walk in and check their collection - one of the interesting items was a scarf, wrapped around the middle finger of a hand mannequin - i was intrigued, so i asked the salesman about this weird display and he kind of laughed - then i asked him about the price and he said 180 kd! i didn't believe him at first, so i checked the price with my own eyes and it actually read 180 kd!

suddenly it all made sense... i turned to the salesman and told him: now i realize why the hand is giving me the finger!

    6 Responses to “Why is Burberry giving me the finger?”

    1. TKG says:

      180 for a scarf!! :O

    2. 965malls says:

      yes my friend, check it out… hence the finger :)

    3. Frappuccino says:

      No wonder :) they tell you before hand

    4. Pinkish says:

      180 KD for a scarf??!! even if i can afford it i wouldn't spend as much on a tiny piece of fabric!

    5. Pat says:


      Nice one :)

    6. manafo says:


      you get the hand figure with it for free, i guess.

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