Why is Hitchcock simply the best?

hitchcock is my favorite director of all time, i've read a lot about his life and watched most of his movies: rebecca, vertigo, psycho, dial m for murder, i confess, north by northwest, rear window, to catch a thief, the 39 steps, rope, the birds..

hitchcock movie is one i will surely not miss, the trailer is out and now i am restless! the master of suspense had a very lonely life, he was also sexually impotent.. but if you really want to know why he is so special, read the below links:

  1. his biography
  2. his filmography
  3. his wit and wisdom
  4. his cameos
  5. his partners in crime

the above are just a few reasons why hitchcock is the best, i don't think the world will ever witness such a romantic, macabre, sexually obsessed, obsessive, provocateur, trickster and ingenious craftsman.

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