Wicked law!

i read that in germany, sex criminals are castrated by law! and it seems that this law is quite effective as it generates low re-offending rates among those who had undergone the procedure! as for the surgical castration, it is conducted by an expert, however it comes not as a punishment, but as an option! yes an option, and on average there have been five such castration every year over the past decade!

at first i was shocked by this law, but when i thought about that nepalese woman abducted at a mall and raped for 9 hours in jahra, it suddenly grew on me - i really wish they apply it here in kuwait forcibly and not as an option, maybe then sex criminals would think twice before committing their crimes!

you can read more about this story here.

    10 Responses to “Wicked law!”

    1. BB says:


      Compl├Ętement d’accord surtout dans les cas d’abus sexuel sur mineur.

    2. 965malls says:

      bonjour bb – faut-il donc commencer par préparer une loi? c'est à méditer…

    3. Kman says:

      I agree on the post, but can someone translate the comments??

    4. 965malls says:

      sure – bb agrees too, especially in case of sexual abuse against minors, we replied saying may be someone should start drafting a law

    5. Kman says:

      Thank you, was that French?

    6. 965malls says:


    7. 7essa says:

      I'm totally with the law!!! Those people have to think twice before committing such crimes. Everyday we read about sexual crimes against children or women! They need something like this to stop them

    8. TKG says:

      Perfect, this law needs to be implemented in the GCC ASAP.

      Btw 965malls it is so cool to know you speak French ;)

    9. 965malls says:

      thanks TKG!

    10. Pinkish says:

      I also vote for that law

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