Would you eat that?

a friend sent me pictures of cherries displayed at sultan center salmiya, this was tuesday night - would you eat that? by the way, there is absolutely no stickers or print or any mention of expiration date on these fruits! no wonder they closed down the salwa branch!!

thanks rami, you got me worried now as i bought the same cherries 4 days ago, they were in a better shape, but i still felt they are about to expire! i'm ok, not to worry :)

    7 Responses to “Would you eat that?”

    1. mishmash says:

      WTH!! I sew spidernets… Yeak! Win’t eat that rotten fruit

    2. Jori says:

      Only the top line looks nice, once you buy it you will discover the second layer is small with no taste

    3. Shameless says:

      That’s why I always try not to buy closed boxes! They’re always more expensive and you can’t see how rotten they are inside. But man this is outrageous!

    4. Seyed says:

      No. I wouldn't eat that.

    5. 965malls says:

      good call, i wouldn't too..

    6. bill says:

      My wife and grandson both spent 3 days in the hospital a week ago after we bought some food from there and they ate it…. We are changing stores now. Where do you guys recommend buying groceries?

    7. 965malls says:

      OMG!! we're so sorry to hear that! it is very hard to recommend stores around here, but for your veggies, souk almubarakiya has good quality and fresh veggies, otherwise we do carrefour – it is not that great, but better than géant and sultan..

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