WTH Celio’s insulting sale!?

a dear friend of mine went shopping with her husband at celio where she spotted these swing tag t-shirts at an amazing price: short sleeves for kd 5 and kd 7.9 for the long ones - so she decided to buy one of each, but to her surprise the numbers at the cashier failed to match the price tags! the short sleeve t-shirt jumped from kd 5 to kd 7.900, almost 60% extra on the official price! she thought this must be a genuine mistake, so she pointed out the problem to the cashier - however, the latter was not the kind of woman who would back down to valid customer complaints, she refused to reconsider, armed with system data that obviously never fail!

after several attempts to convince the saleswoman that the system is not the customer's problem and that the shop has to honor the announced prices on the tags, my friend blew her typical kuwaiti steam and raised hell in an attempt to get her rights with her own hands - needless to stress, in big bold red and underlined fonts, that the manager was never present and totally unreachable! hearing the commotion, the two back-up salespeople approached the desk trying to put a lid on the situation - but these clowns were even worse than the previous bozo with their sneaky, wheeler-dealer solution! what they did is basically agreeing to the discount but not as part of the sale, they actually wrote on the receipt "customer insist for 5 kd price" as you can see above!

what a shame! what a poor, sleazy, shady, dodgy, sordid, low, immoral and distasteful way to give a customer his full rights! but she accepted the deal, you know why? she thought of us, of vengeance and pay back, letting every one know  how low they can get!

shame on you celio, you have no right to make your customers feel as if they are begging for your discounts! you can't win customer loyalty with your shady ways.. take action and rectify what you've done - this is an insult to every customer, you have no right to hurt people's feelings like this, we don't need your sale or your products!

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    1. Shopper says:

      Not the first shop where this happens! I've had similar incidents in Debenhams and BHS before, MANY times! I always insist on getting the price on the tag, too. Some salespeople are more cooperative than others, in which case I either leave the item, or go try at another cashier in the same shop.. and I've almost always got it at the price on the tag! But they'd quickly remove all the other items right away to correct the tags in line with the system..

    2. madmen says:

      Kuwait really needs a consumer protection agency where consumers can get immediate results from their complaints like in Dubai. These same stores do not behave this way in Dubai. Why is it that Al-Shaya runs his stores differently in Dubai than Kuwait? I visited one of his stores in the Avenues where there were large queue's at the cash register where his employees were chatting or on their mobiles on the other side of the counter and people had to walk over spilled liquids all over the floor that were neglected whilst cartons of merchandise where lying all over the store. Do you think that I would see this in this same store in Dubai? Nope. Get a handle on your customer service levels! I understand everyone is miserable here, but maybe if you treated customers better and ran your stores properly people would want to spend money in this country. I boycott Kuwait now. I can make a week-end out of it and buy everything I need with customer service levels in Dubai- screw everyone!

    3. madmen says:

      P.S. Screw everyone – except Rose!:)

    4. bachaer says:

      A big thank u to my favourite blog in Kuwait
      u reported the incident as if u were their
      It’s not the price difference that concerned me but the way they reacted no sorry no it’s a mistake on the contrary so i had to do something if it was my hobby alone he would have let it go but i have as u said ( typical kuwaiti steam and raised hell ) for both of us
      and for every other customer we have rights
      mille merci

    5. arteko says:

      i never buy in celio what's the good in there even they have a price of 1kd i wont buy hehehe.

    6. Shameless says:

      This always happens during sale!! I really don’t understand how they tag items then the “system” refuses them!!! The client is ALWAYS right!!! When you write a price which looks attractive to the client and makes him think of buying, your credibility is at stake here.. Check your items and prices BEFORE you open your store to customers. Otherwise you have to sell it at the price tagged..

    7. Abdul says:

      Celio’s prices are way higher in Kuwait than everywhere else. I used to buy from there but not anymore specially that there’s not much choices even in sale

    8. 965malls says:

      most welcome bashaer – our pleasure as always – but guys this is not about the practice, it is about the insult!! We felt insulted too!! this is not acceptable, you can’t make people feel as if they are begging for the buck!! what a shame!!

    9. Rose says:

      @madmen – you mean the other way around :) lol

    10. bachaer says:

      u r right i 've compared their prices to the one in France ( with their high taxes) especially and to prices here in Kuwait ( only to my knowledge 4% taxes) it was a big difference

    11. Grey says:

      I am a salesman, and during sale my back breaks with all this price changing / crossing / tagging / etc it's a mindless task where honest mistakes happen often, but never We have made the customer pay extra because of our fault. That is basically against the ethics of retail.

      Even I encountered the same situation at H&M Avenues, wife bought something and the price was higher on POS, Some Arab dude just wouldn't listen and even took away the jacket from our hand. So yeah, shit happens to those who fail to raise voice.

    12. Shopping hurts says:

      I know what it feels like! A couple of months ago I had the same problem in BHS and they refused to give me the price tagged blaming it on the system, it really made me feel like I was begging for a lesser price!! Even though it was MY right. People were staring as if I committed a crime. One lady behind me said to my ears: she bought so many items for more than 100KD why does she care about 3KD? Well, I just don't like to be fooled that's all :(

    13. TKG says:

      Celio!!! I like their products at times but you have lost yet another customer … ME

      This is happening everywhere now and it is utterly disappointing. Today my brother had a problem at Nautilus Fitness Centre as the system had all our details incorrectly written and we weren't informed of the changes taking place. What a pain it is to get answers to your questions but thank God finally someone managed to help us out :)

    14. Gossiper says:

      You know what? I blame it on the management because when something like this happens not once but over and over again, they should get more check outs on their merchandise and prices and maybe personnel etc… So where was the manager in this case? I am not claiming that they should all be perfect, and I accept small errors from time to time…but when it becomes a habit , something is wrong

    15. arteko says:

      i tihnk other sides have their own reason and brain so for me much better not to be sensitive we dont know other minds maybe they protect only themsleves somtimes we dont be scrutinize what others action and be assertive!.

    16. TKG says:

      In Kuwait is there really any management? A few maybe!

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