Zafran, good even on full stomach

we got invited to zafran (indian restaurant) a couple of days ago to try their ramadan buffet, so i had to fill for my wife - but here's the dilemma, i had an aftar at 6:45 and at the same time i was also invited for a late lunch around 5:00 pm and couldn't decline - so i finished lunch around 5:30 & headed to zafran, you can imagine the situation here... going for iftar on full stomach is not a good idea!

anyways, i got there on time and was really surprised by the place, the interior is really amazing, especially the wall tiling - though i love indian cuisine, i couldn't eat much, but i managed to grab a piece from selected dishes, whatever i picked was very good, i really wished i didn't have lunch before, the food was mouth watering..

i had ashari murgh tikka, kashmiri seekh kabab & some other stuff, i also managed to have some carrot & rice pudding, they were really awesome,except for that cardamom in my rice pudding, i hate cardamom.

the only thing that bothered me is the smell of the place, it is very strong! i wish they can find a ventilation solution as the smell sticks to your clothes.

other than that, i will sure be back with the family as soon as they come back - if the food is so good on full stomach, then it must be awesome on an empty one.

thanks for the invite stacey, it was worth it.

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    1. Zaid says:

      nice place, don’t you fast?

    2. 965malls says:

      I do in public places as I respect the traditions of the month, but in private I don’t as I am not muslim – now as a general rule I am against fasting, my wife for instance does fast before easter, i don’t as I believe in the following motto “it’s not what goes into your mouth that matters, it’s what comes out of it”

    3. Zaid says:

      Nice motto!

    4. 965malls says:

      thanks zaid & good luck with your fasting – god bless

    5. Freedom says:

      I respect religions, I respect faith but I don’t understand why I am not supposed to even drink in public! Why do I have to fast with others while many muslims eat at home. When I fast for 50 days no one knows and no one respects MY fasting!!! Actually no one really cares! Some people even tease me when they know that I am not eating and try their best to drink and eat in front of me.. That’s too sad and shallow. We have the same God but different views :( anyway, this post isn’t about fasting it’s about a restaurant, and I really like it you should go while hungry it’s worth it :)

    6. sarah says:

      I am assuming this is an Indian restaurant, where is it located, I didn't read that in your briefing. Is it a buffet restaurant, or is it order off the menu when it isn't Ramadan?

    7. 965malls says:

      it’s in salmiya, salem almubarak street, inside centerpoint first floor and it has a menu off ramadan

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