Zain e-go, nothing is faster.. than FastTelco

on top of al thuraya center stand two signs: zain, claiming that nothing is faster than e-go's 21.6 mbps internet and right across, a fasttelco sign promising up to 24 mbps internet!

thanks to tala for sharing this ironic picture.

    13 Responses to “Zain e-go, nothing is faster.. than FastTelco”

    1. Gossiper says:

      Dont' know about zein, but i can tell you that fastelco sucks big time!!! i've been having so much trouble connecting for the last month!!!!! HATE IT it's too slow and cuts every 2 mns, my pc is going to have a nervous breakdown(I had mine some time ago..) so much i refresh and repair, repair and refresh…

    2. Kman says:

      Quite ironic ///

      Fasttelco seem to be having problems lately, i'm witnessing the same constant interruptions!

    3. Pat says:

      Looool… Beautiful

    4. mido says:

      Stupid Ego…they all claim what they dont' have!

    5. Ismail says:

      What's wrong with the picture? Zain provides mobile broadband. Fasttelco provides fixed broadband.

      They're two different things!

    6. Pat says:

      Internet speed is Internet speed for the consumer – zain says nothing is faster and it’s about Internet – there is no difference

    7. Marzouq says:

      To get those speeds you need to have the fiber connection! Seriously I want to get Fiber! Its been so long already!

    8. Zaid says:

      Oh I wish… Fiber would be great!! Internet is so slow no matter how u go up in speed

    9. mido says:

      what is fiber?

    10. kramylee says:

      its good that theres a lot of competion in this time coz these telecom are competing not for the customer but also for the price the more competitive company the more chances of low prices.

    11. fawaz says:

      and they both compete on who goes slower than the other. what we are committed by a 2 years contract to pay for is what they are getting from us without the promised delivery as shown on the Thuraya billboard ads.

      i have Zain 21.6 mbps, yet the top speed i reached is 4mbps (once or twice) and an average of 1.2mbps only.

    12. Moe22 says:

      agree, all promises and no delivery. internet sucks!

    13. saleh says:

      dear , if you have problem like that …. its same thats you have internal problems or you are living in Salwa Block 8 – 9 – 10- 11-12
      or in AL-Adan block 3 or 2

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